Sunday, January 31, 2010

Las Chicas Norteñas

My prima-once removed was posting the cutest pictures on FB, and I had to ask her if I could please, please have Guerra and Negra over for a visit?

Then I realized Beckie might be thinking that I meant for her to actually drive down from Pasadena with Guerra and Negra, so I went back to FB and clarified that I was thinking of them visiting on Chickenblog... you know, like a guest spot.

But wouldn't it be kind of hilarious if they did ride down, stopped at In-N-Out for a veggie burger, then got here in time for a light dust bath, and a bit of chisme with cracked-corn?

And isn't it nifty that FB can keep family and friends chatting and exchanging deep thoughts and other musings? I think so. Especially when we are far apart. Geoff's FB status is blank, but I see he did pop in to thank everyone for their birthday wishes. Near or far, FB keeps us in the loop.

I am guessing that Negra is the hen with the black scarf. Isn't she elegant? Her fair feathered sister must be Guerra.

Hola Guerra.
Hola Negra.
Pretty chicas.

I think Guerra sees something good to eat.

They remind me of our dear Gracie. She was an Ameraucana, and laid green-blue Easter eggs just like Guerra and Negra. Those colored eggs are so pretty.

Baby pictures.
Even this small, I can see which one is the blondie, and little Negra has her sharp eye on the camera. When Maria sees these she is going to renew her pleading for baby chicks. She really, really wants Betty to "get married and have some babies." Oh my. But when I see these itty-bitty chicas, I kind of think the same thing. Wouldn't some tiny, peeping fluff balls be lots of fun running around the garden...

Besides giving fresh eggs and beautifying their garden, I know that Guerra and Negra hold a place in my cousins' hearts for other reasons. Beckie shared a bit with me:

My Mother got them for her 89th birthday. So, she enjoyed them for more than a year before she passed and went to heaven. They were so tiny and delicate, both could fit in the palm of your hand. They brought her so much joy because they followed her around while she did her yardwork. When she would sit down and take a break, they would happily jump up on her lap...just like a cat! Well Negra and Guerra are wonderful egg layers...gorgeous grade AAA blue green eggs. They are inseperable yet competative should you treat them to a hand full of crickets.

Reading this made me happy, and a bit sad. But mostly I smile and think how wonderful life can be.

Also, if the chicas from up north ever do come to visit I am going to be sure I have a supply of crickets on hand. I never thought to provide such delectables for Lady Betty, but now I know... thank goodness for FB.


beckdlr55 said...

Natalie, thank you for including Negra and Guerra in Chicken Blog. Very approriate since after all, they are You did a nice tribute and I'm glad that you were able to include them in the baby chick stage. Love you to pieces, Beckie

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Oh yes, chickens LOVE fresh live crickets/grasshoppers. When I was a little girl, my brother and I would capture grasshoppers against our grandma's garage with empty jelly jars. Then we'd run over to the chicken coop and throw the grasshoppers to the chickens. Boy did they run after them. I can't remember how many she had, perhaps a dozen or so. They weren't domesticated like Betty but they did give us tasty eggs. :-)

TCavanaugh said...

My they are beautiful! I know my husband and daughters have been wanting me to raise a few. I am still holding off...I really don't need more mouths (beaks) to feed.

mtnchild said...

Oh how cute!! It would be funny if they really came to visit ... LOL. You would have to get some treats.

After having chickens since July, I just love them. Every time I open my back door they come running to see if I brought them something.

Julie said...

They hopped up on her lap like a cat?? Oh, how I loved that image. Sweet little chicks.

tara said...

Fantastic pictures. When I am 89 I wish to do yard work with my chickens trailing.

Mama Spark said...

Love the chickens. You are on FB?? Hey friend request me.
Pamela Olson Lincoln

Susan said...

Guerra and Negra are beautiful Ameracaunas! I have two, Puff and Louise (the grandkids named Puff), and they are so sweet.

I have chick fever and I'm going to get a few hatching eggs as soon as one of my hens goes broody. Betty definitely needs chicken companions and you need more layers to supply that nice big family of yours!