Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Who knew the new year would be so full?
Tomorrow is Maria's day to bring snack.
Yesterday I made spaghetti from Monday's meatloaf.
Today I wrote for an hour and then decided to let "it" go unsaid.
Saturday is the launch of FIRST build season. Go robotics!
My mom was here.
Grandma is here.
I brought home a worm wrancher's compost bin.
Must order worms.
There are two new mammals living in the Bird House.
Every day I do something new to settle in to our home.
Every day I pause, in disbelief, and revel in the joy of being home.
My go to daily uniform is in a sad state and I will have to buy another pair of jeans. ASAP.
I want to blog about Betty and Joe and Chango and Benji and Pepper and Polly, but I first need to resolve my pathetic camera situation.
Good things are coming.
This post is kind of spastic.
So am I.
I hear coyotes.
I awake to the calls of barn owls that sit in the pine trees.
How are you?


Dallas said...

Sounds like things are starting right up for you.

I'm doing great here but missing the quiet days before everything jumped back into action. I may not work, but I still don't find time to do all the things I want to be doing...

Jennifer said...

I'm wondering how that birthday of yours was! And also fairly spastic at the moment -- good word for it.

Chris said...

Natalie, isn't life grand? Seriously! So many plans for our homes, so many things to write about, so many people to love!

I hope your camera situation is resloved VERY soon...miss your photos. Love this post tho'. It's just how I'm feeling these days. Spastic, but not uncomfortably so!


Tiglizzyclone said...

I am looking forward to seeing some pictures of your new mammals! That is if they are the picturesque kind! We have a couple of new mammals in this house too.