Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I wish I had never bothered. With the stats, that is. Checking the daily-weekly-monthly numbers of readers, skimmers, lurkers visiting Chickenblog was slightly amusing, kind of interesting, and ultimately intimidating. I learned that Sunday and Monday are slow days, not too many visitors. I learned that most visits to Chickenblog come on Tuesday. Like today. Today is Tuesday and there may be ten or more people here. Seriously. Wow. Wow.

I mean whoa. Like when you drop your head, turning it slowly and sort of sigh disappointedly, whoa. Actually it could be horse talk too... like when you pull on the reins and say firmly "whoa!" It could be like bringing a horse to a quick stop, because it feels like that is where the blog is headed: A complete stop.

After three times checking stats about Chickenblog, I also leaned that readership has plummeted. Dropped. Nose-dived. Tanked. Imploded. Evaporated. *poof*

Where did every body go?

Ah come on. No one really believed I was writing this blog for the heck of it, right? Regularly dragging my brain through html and proofreading my own deep thoughts and other musings, just so I can have an excuse from scrubbing toilets? I am in it for the book rights, the movie contract, the ad revenue (eighteen cents to date). I've been blogging so Ellen would catch wind, and ask me to bring my favorite robotics team on to her show, so she could bestow plane tickets to Atlanta on them, and give me dance lessons. I've been thinking how to sound interesting, modest and super cool for my Fresh Air interview. This is my job people. I am not going down without a fight. *power fist in the air... cheesy grin on face*

Just kidding.

Or am I?

Just kidding.

I don't need a job. I have Molly and McGee to fill my time with productivity and interest. And children, and laundry, and Betty.

Oooh... look, Molly is preening.

Maria did not want to miss the executives' meeting yesterday. She loves this team. Gee, do you think I've had some influence on her? I honestly do not dictate art assignments for her, or drill her on the Paradox dance. She has an internalized passion, that is self-motivated.

I didn't want to miss the executives' meeting either. I keep showing up, uninvited, and they are starting to accept it. I was even offered a private mentor's swearing in ceremony, as soon as Isaac can locate his wand. I hope he wasn't kidding. I plan to mention it, casually, to Terry. I crave ceremony.

This post is mostly random. And I am okay with that.


tara said...

How do you check stats?
I have noticed that it is quiet on my blog too. I can always count on my mom to comment though.

Julie said...

Hi Natalie

I first saw your blog of note in June 2009 and since that time, I periodically check back to see how you are doing.

I have always enjoyed your posts and always remember where to find you in June 2009.

Corner Brook, Newfoundland

Simone said...

Yep, it's Tuesday. I checked in :-) Up go your stats.
Don't stop. I check up on C.B. every once in a while. You just lost me on the Robotics for a bit. Loved the thoughts on the house, the colour of the benches, the wonderful work you do in your garden, and artwork you and your family make. Don't go!

Julie said...

I'm sure a lot of your readers are not coming directly to your blog but are reading your posts through Google Reader. I have a feeling the numbers you're throwing out here are exaggerated in the low range for dramatic effect, anyway. ;) You're a funny lady. I do like it here!

nikkipolani said...

Hi Sweetie -- your post had me smiling, as they usually do. Nevermind the stats. We love you :-)

judy in ky said...

I don't even know how to check stats! But it does seem that fewer people are reading, and that the bloggers I read regularly are not posting as often. I wonder if other media such as facebook and twitter are getting more of the attention.
I feel loyalty to my favorites (you are one) and I enjoy reading them, because I feel like I know them, and I would miss them if they weren't there.

Marcia said...

Oh, I have been terrible at reading your blog. Not because I don't LOVE your writing (not to mention your wonderful photos), but it's the time thing (I know, that's everyone's excuse). My computer time corresponds w/ nap time, so I have to prioritize. I'll stop by more, I promise!

Jennifer said...

I'm already worried that I can't articulate this clearly:

So I've read the NY Times, I know from the movies and book deals that there are bloggers who develop huge followings and find different types of success (make money, get published, have "followings," etc.). On the one hand, I think it's lovely and wonderful when someone's online journal becomes a means for personal growth and success. On the other hand, it bothers me to the very core of my being that THE primary hot marketing tool of the '10s is for companies to "get in on the real conversations!" going on in blogland to sell stuff. So I think some wonderful blogs become (and I imagine it's something that their authors aren't quite aware of when it starts happening) NOT the personal journals that share experiences and build community but instead just insidious commercials. I find this tragic. So I ask myself: am I jealous? should I/would I/could I find ways to get on this magic carpet ride? And I say -- nope. I want people, even if it is only two or three people a month -- to stop by to see me so that they can (drum roll) see me. Not win fabulous prizes donated by fancy companies (I distinguish these from the heartfelt giveaways that many of us to do share ourselves with each other), not to talk about products, not to be a part of a money-making machine. And I'm good with that.

We love you. I love you. I love being able to grab a moment, as I am now, to stop by and see what's shakin' by you. If you had a ka-jillion followers, if every post you put up garnered you 100s and 100s of comments, then we probably would never have connected. Yikes! What a horrible thought.

(I never, ever look at my stats anymore.)

Good things do come to good people, and in the world these days sometimes those good things come to good people via their lovely blogs. You just keep being you and telling us about it, and good things will KEEP on happening for you.


Andylynne said...

I waited till Wed. to boost your readership. I love Chicken blog, I love how you express your self. Never fear we will stay loyal, & have even caught robotic fever too.

mtnchild said...

I seem to post in spurts, so my visitors come in spurts ... but my reading of blogs is an every morning, bar few, event. My cup of coffee is shared with the computer.

I always read, but don't always comment. I need to change that - you are not the only one, but you are one of the special ones!

I follow the Robotics as best I can since I'm pretty techno illiterate, but I enjoy the spunk and enthusiasm that you show both in your writing and in the pictures of the team.

I would miss you terribly if you were to stop blogging - please don't stop!


Liz said...

NEVER check the stats! I've learned how disheartening that can be. My traffic started to drop off slightly a few months ago and I decided to just leave it alone. I blog b/c it's fun. You blog b/c it's fun. That's the only reason we need. :)

Theresa said...

Random is good. Also come say hi we have a fun giveaway today. :)

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Natalie!

I have to admit my blogging and visiting has slowed just a bit, but I could never go too long without saying hello to you and family.:o)

Look like you having a budding artist in the house, I love the drawing.

You and the family enjoy a beautiful Easter Sunday.