Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Long, Slow Walks

First of all, this is a celebration day, which we are extending through the weekend. We can do that because this is Chcikenblog and after eight years we are entitled to liberties with our celebrations.

Happy Blogiversary Chickenblog!!!

Grab a mug, pull up a chair, and hang out.

I don't have the faintest idea what this post is going to be about. Sort of. I just have too many ideas, each fussing to get out and be expressed.

This is random musings.

Let's begin this way: There will be prizes!

Geoff said so. He said it like this: "You should have a giveaway." Then he made fancy, generous suggestions. Then he reminded me, "You've received more than you've given." And I mocked injury and said, "Harsh."

But he's right. Chickenblog has received amazing friendships, connections, support, prizes, gifts, encouragement, humor, patience, insight, and kindness. I hesitate to list everything, for fear I will leave someone out. But if you check the list of bloggers, the Artists and Poets, Cooks and Farmers, Scientists and Inventors in the sidebar, then you are seeing at least some of the generous contributors to Chcikenblog's blessings.

I know. Typo. I am seriously amused and confused: I type "chicken" wrong about 90% of the time, and it's a habit I cannot seem to kick. The irony at least is a terrific source of amusement for me.

Where was I?


We want to have a little fun, and show a little gratitude, so there will be two drawings this week. One drawing will be for a gadget, something Geoff will choose. And he is generous. Believe me. The other prize will have a California theme, because we live in California. And I love California, and I have been taking long, slow walks, and falling ever more in love with my home state.

Hmmm... when should I have the actual name pulling out of the fez? It's a busy week. Lot's going on. Lot's to get ready for. I am going to say that the drawing will be Sunday, May 23, at 8 PM. All comments from today until 7:59 PM Sunday will be counted as drawing entries, one entry per person please.

Okay then. There it is.

Next up: Cake.

Don't you think there should be cake for a blogiversary? Could be. We make this stuff up as we go. If not cake, then maybe an after school beach picnic, or another stroll along Coast Highway 101, sticking our heads in to shops, meeting more Artists and Poets, Cooks and Farmers, Scientists and Inventors.

So many good choices. So many opportunities. So many ideas fussing to get out and be expressed.

We may have to stop some place comforting and stimulating along the way.

Here is some randomness: Who remembers the original Martha Stewart program? It was only half an hour long, and it was not recorded in a huge sound-stage-studio. She hosted from her home(s), or at least a modest soundstage, without an audience, and she visited people... skilled craftspeople, bakers, artists, farmers, shopkeepers, cooks, authors... they were "real" people. Do we have a word for people that are not "celebrities," for people that work, and make things, and function without stylists and an entourage? I respect those people.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Martha's old show, because it introduced the viewer to interesting individuals who were doing interesting things, and she celebrated their contributions in intimate, meaningful ways. It actually gave me a sense of community with the world at large, and it made me glad to see things made, to know that people were proud of their work, and they were happy to share it. I admire men and women, boys and girls, that show an interest in things. I like to read about makers, thinkers, creators, and I like to meet them and hear their stories, see their faces when they talk about what they love.

It is our good fortune that we have met such people through Chcikenblog, and to our delight, we have met such people on our long, slow walks. Whether we are Chickens Abroad and meeting a blog friend in Brussels, or we are enjoying domestic art, we love passing time and sharing ideas with makers, thinkers, creators, poets, and farmers.

Time's Up!
Gotta run.
More later.

So many ideas fussing to get out!


judy in ky said...

I respect those people too, those with imagination and inspiration. Come to think of it, those are qualities that are reflected in your blog. And... I vote for cake! And champagne!

Anna Banana said...

I am not your oldest reader, but one of your long-time readers. One of your most loyal fans! Keep blogging, dear friend.

Laura Jane said...

I totally agree with you. When there are too many ideas pressing to get out, one should definitely console them with cake and long slow walks. It makes the waiting possible.

My bloglife would not be complete without a good dose of Chickenblog - however it is spelt. For the record - I have trouble the spelling 'the'. 9/10 times it comes out as teh. I should just cut to the chase and keep it all as teh then use the 'replace' function, but sadly Blogger does not offer this option. Sigh. You'd think they'd have figured all that out by now.

meemsnyc said...

Happy blogiversary! Our cat friend Millie told us about your blog. It's very nice. We like the adirondack chairs. Those are great!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary. I love the pot with the frogs that Maria is standing beside. Long may you continue, I visit every day.

tara said...

Yup, I like some old school Martha too. She takes everything so serious. Nothing is more important that what she is talking about at that moment.
Slow anything sounds just about right. Eating cake slowly?
Happy Anniversary!!

Angel, Kirby and Max said...

We stopped by from Millie's House. We are a cat blog, too. Our Mom quilts and sometimes makes dollhouse miniatures in quarter scale (1/4 inch to the foot). Mom: I did not get to see the older martha shows because I had to work.

warren said...

Congratulations on 8 years! You were definitely ahead of the curve as far as blogging goes!

And btw, Maker Faire sounds like an awesome thing...I would love to go someday!

Mama Spark said...

Congrats on your blogiversary!!! I LOVE your blog and have enjoyed our friendship through the years. The only thing left to say is mmmmmmm...cake!

The Misadventures Of Me said...

We, too, stopped by from Millies House! She said yoo had real live fev-vers, er chickens and kittehs and buns and bean kids and all kinds of fun fings.

Happy Blogoversary - 6 years is an accomplishment!

I is Jake!

Simone said...

Did I mention I love the new banner?!

Susan said...

How funny about the spelling mishaps with "chicken". I have a brain fart whenever I try to type always comes out expecially. Well, I was concentrating that time. :)

Cats here, too! Four of them: Cricket, Tobey, Frankie and Sassy (she's the newest one). I'm not sure which is harder, herding chickens or herding cats.

Too bad I don't live near you. I would bake and decorate a cake for your Blogiversary, fresh off my stint at cake decorating classes. But Happy Blogiversary anyway! Hey, I didn't even know what a blog was six years ago!

I remember Martha's original show, too. It was much more interesting and she seemed more like a real person, not that she ever was of course, but closer to one.

amy smith said...

i love the yellow chairs...
my sweet new beautiful almost daughter's favorite color is yellow, just like mine.
think of us tonight...
as we head to court for the second time :)

Julie said...

Has anyone written a song for a blogiversary yet? If there's to be cake, it seems there should be some sort of singing before the candles are blown out... There would be candles, right? I mean if you go with the whole cake idea....

Happy Blogiversary!!!

Claire said...

Happy Celebration Day! And yes, old school Martha is better than current Martha and the same is true with the magazine...

Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, as always! And Natalie, after reading today's post, you don't have to actually "fall" to show how much you fall for California. :)
Seriously, have it (and that "something") checked out. Feel better soon. We love traveling with you.