Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mysteriousness & Brevity & You Guessed!


Now for super field trip lunches, and carpool-mom...

Gee. I am less mysterious than I thought. Wonder what gave me away?


I know, right? What was I thinking?

It's that they were so tiny, and no matter how many I picked, they still didn't amount to one, whole chicken, so I picked one more... and then, suddenly, there were six.

Hmmm... just this morning I imparted some of my wisdom on someone: The events preceding an action do not necessarily justify said action.

I might consider paying attention to my own wisdom.

I am in so much trouble.

And Susan and Sylvia... you ladies know me pretty well, I guess.

Meet Puff.
Maria named her. She is a black Silkie. She has feathered feet. She will be a hen.

Say hello to Trudy. She was named by fans of a certain blockbuster movie... the one that did not get Best Picture. Trudy is a pilot.
She will be a hen.

Here is Zelda. Max named her. She is less yellow than her Silkie sister, Trudy. They have feathered feet like Puff.
She will be a hen.

This is little Miss Zoe. Alex named her. Another sci-fi inspired name. "Firefly" anyone? Zoe is an Araucana.
She will be a hen that lays green or blue eggs!

And the Polish sisters are Temple and Nikki Tesla. Named for two highly respected scientists, Temple Grandin and Nikola Tesla.
They will be hens.

Hello Temple. I love your Polish puff.

Sweet little Zelda.

I am in so much trouble.
Oh well.
At least they will all be hens.


Anonymous said...

Could it be ... new chicas?!

Susan said...

Names for the new chicks?

Blessed Rain said...

Love the names, love sci fi and I just wrote a blog on firefly! I guess great minds think alike!

Sarah said...

I came across your blog thanks to Blogs of Note! The title is what really caught my eye. Your chickens are too cute! :-)
Congrats on Blog of Note!

Hans said...

Quite cute...

Janece said...

Love the chickas - love their names!! Hear, hear to hens all around. Wish we could come visit and help welcome the lucky chicks to their new home!

I'll be showing Amira these photos in the morning -- the squees and awwwwws of delight are certain! :)

Unknown said...

They're so cute!

Kara said...

Oh my cute!! I can't wait to see their growing-up-ness!

Henna said...

oh god.. the are soo cute, they look good enough to make pets, i hope they remain as pretty when they grow up too!!

The villager: said...

Delightful chicks !

gnu said...

they are soo cute,...

Anonymous said...

Totally gorgeous pictures, incredible cute! I also love the pictures in your previous post too.

I have hens on my farm but they're so not cute like these little sweeties!

Congratulations on your Blog of Note, well deserved.

CJ xx

Susan said...

If you say it, it is so....yeah, right! Good luck on your hen affirmations! They look like hens to me. ;-} When I got mine 2 years ago, I was really lucky and only got one rooster out of 16 chicks. Your chicas are extremely cuuuute!

It was sooo weird...I checked Blog of Note this morning before coming here(I NEVER check it!) and guess who popped up...Chickenblog! How fantastic! Congrats, Natalie! I know, I'm a little late. Sorry about that!

Susan said...

I thought I was already a follower of your blog and I look at the list and I'm not there! How did that happen? Well, anyway, I'm there now and there to stay! XO

Just me said...

I came across your blog thanks to 'blogs of note'! Our chicks hatched on wednesday and they are adoooooorable just like yours- but with slightly less diversity! And yes mine also will be hens. Whether they like it or not!

whalechaser said...

They say you should NEVER name farm animals. Ok, I can only guess that these are NOT farm animals and will be with you for some time! Did you see the blog of note a few days ago on chickens...? The fellow named his 3 chickens something like: chicken salad, chicken pot pie and chicken stew. I HOPE he was NOT going there! Ha!

JustMyThoughts. said...

they are so beautiful and adorable! :)

warren said...

Firefly! I love Firefly...and Zoe is bad a$$ so you may have your hands full!

Bossy Betty said...

OH......You had me at the pictures of the baby chickens. I am now a follower and will obey all rules if you just let me stay.

vani said...

They are so adorable, congrats on blog of note. :)

hildegarde said...

oh lord! cuteness overload eeeeeep

Andri Faisal said...

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Kimberly Theodore said...

You look like you have a lot of fun! Glad to see someone with chickens! Thought you might like to see one of my chickens:

Best Wishes
KJ Theodore

Frogdancer said...

We've got 4 silkie chicks that one of my boys is raising. They're not sexed, so when I was reading this post I was hearing a prayer in the repeated 'She will be a hen". That's what we're crossing our fingers for with these ones. Any roosters will be sent straight back to their breeder. (Suburbia and roosters don't match.)
We also have Buffy, Willow, Martha and aggie. Big egg laying hens for me.)
So much fun!

Aimee said...

I'm right there with you...our mantra is the same...they will be hens. Course that hasn't always worked out in our case (see post below)! Let me know if you figure out the secret.