Sunday, May 02, 2010

Progress Report

Before a couple enters in to Holy Wedlock, they should exchange kindergarten progress reports, and analyze them with the purpose of gaining insight. Very telling, revealing, foreshadowing insight. Not that the information necessarily has to be deal breaker, but knowledge is good. Knowledge can help you anticipate what discourses you will have over and over, and over again... 'til death do you part.

Geoff is the amazing cleaning and unpacking motivational task master. And I appreciate this. Never mind my whining. What I do not appreciate is the number of miles I walk, when he is working. He calls me to his side about every five minutes, so I can "see something," or so I can answer a question, or unpack a box, or put away something. It does not matter where I am, or what I am doing. It does not matter that I am equally immersed in work... he will insist I drop what I am doing to assist him.


I pointed this out to him, again!!! and I thought I made a very good case for myself. Explaining that laundry and dishes are important too. Begging him to let me finish my task. Demanding that he quit hollering for me every single time he got the notion that I should be by his side.

And not five minutes later, when I was deep in the dryer, I heard him calling me, again!!! And I got really peeved. And then he hollered for me again!!!

He wanted me to see his kindergarten progress report.

Can sit still for 5-10 minutes without bothering someone near him:
Needs Improvement

Can listen to the teacher or classmate without interrupting:
Needs Improvement



Anonymous said...

Yes, but look at all the other items on the list! Like shows improvement in art activities and singing with the group! Too funny, Natalie. I had to get a new social security card with my American name some years ago and had to show official documents using both names. The only thing I had left with my VN name was a faded carbon copy of my second grade report card in which was the note, "talks too much in class." This is ironic considering how quiet I am generally.

Unknown said...

Oh gosh, Hans is the same way! Wish I could see HIS report card. Or is it all men that do this? Guess I'd rather have that than the silent treatment, which Hans is on day 2 of. That's his favorite punishment to me, the silent treatment.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Nikkipolani... yes, he definitely he has very good points, which is consistent with who he is today. So, I wonder what you were talking about? I bet you were full of bright and beautiful things to share.

Gjo... lol. The same, huh? Is it a guy thing? We need to take a survey, and see how wives weigh in on this. But the silent treatment? No. That would be tough. I do remember we always knew Hans was under the weather when he got quiet, reclusive. Cannot imagine you were bad enough to merit two days of silence. Who knows though... maybe it was worth it!?

tara said...

Looks an awful lot like my husband's.

judy in ky said...

I think it IS a guy thing... at least it is at my house, too! Exactly the same.

Janece said...

Well, as for the poll - I think I'm the one who is constantly calling Paul over to share something with. Possibly, hopefully, not every 5 minutes... but I'm definitely the one with that tendency. Life, for me, is best shared... the big, little, mundane and profound... it doesn't matter, just share it with me, please. ;)