Sunday, June 20, 2010

Special Signs of June

It's June. We know, because of the overcast coastal skies. Some call it gloom, but I love it. We will get heat and light aplenty in July, August, September and October. We know it's June because of the fern leafed trees full of purple blossoms. Jacaranda trees are in full display.

We say "ha-ca-ran-da." When I was ten and on a ferry from Cabo San Lucas to Puerto Vallarta, I met a girl named Jacaranda. I always think of that pretty girl, with the pretty name, when it is June.

These seed pods will drop, just like the flowers. Seasons and cycles are more subtle here than in other places, but we do have them.

We know it is June when the June-bugs appear. They have an interesting life-cycle. We know them best as those poor fliers that come around to crash in to windows and walls. They like the porch light, like so many summer insects. They make a hissing sound. They are June...

Another June sign... Father's Day. Happy Fathers' Day to all the wonderful men I know, the dads, the fathers, the grandfathers, the uncles and friends who know how to share their time and skills, like a dad.

For years I have wanted to get Geoff a hammock for Father's Day, but he always asked me to wait... for us to be in our own place.

So, guess what?

I tried again. We were at the home center, and we saw the hammocks and I made my offer. He almost bit. He agreed it would be nice, but then he was not too excited about the two choices there, so we decided we would keep looking.

Then this morning I offered him breakfast: "Anything. Name it."

He chose bagels and lox. He also chose to bring them home himself. And he chose to window shop on the Internet, then cruise all the tool and tech aisles at Costco. And he asked that we continue finishing home projects, like hanging our porch swing. Maria made him a beautiful plate, with their likenesses.


If he is choosing, and if we are obliging, then wouldn't you say that it makes the day "special?" He doesn't wear ties or cologne. He does not golf. He buys his own books. In fact we both agree that time is our most favorite commodity, and spending it together is very special indeed.

I was teasing him about how he doesn't know how to spin.

Example: His mother called and asked if he was doing anything "special for Father's Day?" Alex and I looked dumbfounded when he replied, "No. Just cleaning. We are coming home from Costco." That's all. Not special. Nothing. Just tied to chores. cue violins


He said nothing about his breakfast choice, the hammock offer, every single tool and tech aisle at Costco, the nice new shirts. His personalized plate.

"It's all in the spin," I told him. Explaining that not talking about things in a positive light can make them sound pretty pathetic. I suppose I am fortunate to have a husband and friend that does not spin. He is a straightforward guy. He wasn't trying to deride his day. He's just stating facts. No embellishments.

He is back at the home center again, trying to buy paint to match the lumber he is replacing from the porch. His choice. His special day. Doing what he likes. He likes making things, and providing for us. He likes buying his own books, and bringing home bagels for breakfast. He likes planning improvements. He likes making our home better, and he likes having our company when he is working.

And we like him, we love him. We love his mind, his hands, his heart, the straightforward and special way he has of loving us. He is here, with us, whenever possible, and we cannot think of a better, more special, way to enjoy this June day, or any time of the year.


Miriam said...

The way you celebrated Father's Day sounds way more meaningful than a Hallmark card and a tie.

When I was growing up in the 70s we were forbidden from celebrating Mother's Day because my feminist mom thought it was an insult to celebrate mothers by giving them irons and toaster ovens and then ignoring their contributions to the world the rest of the year. I think she had a point.

I have never seen a jacaranda tree before - it is beautiful!

Tracy said...

June is a magic time! I just love those Jacaranda trees...I've never seen them for real, only in picture--those purple flowers are beautiful! Here it is lovely sun & warm--at last! Happy Days to you all, Natalie :o) ((HUGS))

The Words Crafter said...

Those flowers are just gorgeous! And, he sounds a lot like my husband....I am extremely fortunate, but it is frustrating at times...I'm glad you have such a sweet and thoughtful husband! They're rare!

Tiglizzyclone said...

I love the flowers! Lovely color! And a June Bug ... hmmm!