Wednesday, September 08, 2010

One Fun Bun

Remember These? Troll dolls?

I had some. Or one. My point is... I loved messing with its hair. Was there anything else to do with them? All those silly styles, from mild to wild, sleek and coiffed, then shaken.

Well, I discovered something... even more fun...

Professor Moriarty, aka Troll Bun.
I don't think he was offended. He sat quietly on my lap, and endured my evening amusement. He certainly is one fun bun.


  1. Omg, that is so funny!!! I had a few troll dolls in my day. But this bunny is way better. So cute!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am very excited about my first design.

  2. That got a chorus of happy hooting laughter at this house! Oh yes, we remember troll dolls, and we agree the Professor looks way more fun!

  3. You make me laugh! I was so caught up in the memories of troll dolls, and then to see the bunny hair was so unexpected and funny! That was a good one!

  4. This made me laugh so hard. I spent ridiculous numbers of hours braiding and poofing the hot pink hair of my troll doll in second grade. I wonder if I can locate a hot pink bunny!!!

  5. Love it! I used to have a troll doll too. Wonder what ever happened to it? Yours is much cuter!

  6. Ack, he is sooo cute.
    We discovered we have 9 baby bunnies. That sneaky momma bunny.

  7. Miss Chef loves to get our dog Rosie's hair wet so she can muss it. When she makes it spikey, she says it looks like her Chef's hair.

  8. Warren- you're bald?!
    Judy- I borrowed the troll pic... I have no idea where mine is.
    The Professor is pleased he has brought more laughter to the world. He sends his love to one and all!


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