Friday, November 05, 2010

I Want To Be A Farm Chick...

Or maybe I am a Farm Chica... a happy woman playing with her family, making their house in to a home, thinking, dreaming, and chasing chickens around. On our "farm" we have garden beds, and feathered friends. In my dreams we have a small barn, maybe a goat, and definitely a new roof! In my dreams our home is an inspiring space, where the comforts of home are homemade, homegrown, and a reflection of our family traditions, new and old.

Today I chose to participate in a Party... a virtual book signing party, taking place right now at a place called Chaps. The party is in honor of a real Farm Chick, Serena, and her latest book. My copy is on its way, signed, and I am looking forward to opening the pages, the anticipation of sharing pretty pictures and new ideas with my family. We have our own traditions, like making gingerbread houses... forgive our use of hot glue!

Serena's book, like her blog, "Farm Chicks :: Serena's Web Journal," looks like a beautiful resource for finding new traditions, fun crafts, and enjoying the pleasure of reflecting on holiday joys.

Waiting for the book to come to our home, I have been thinking about our own traditions and the ways I most enjoy celebrating Christmas. I kept coming back to our City Day. We find a day early in the month of December to go to the city and enjoy live music, a lovely meal, and a walk through downtown. We take in the sights and sounds of Christmas in the city, and it is a lot of fun.

Whether we are having a gospel brunch, or singing along with a choir at symphony hall, it is a treat to hear music, to see the musicians, and to be doing something different and new. Last year Maria really got in to the act when she sang along in the church pageant, and it still makes me happy recalling all those weeks hearing her practice "Do You Hear What I Hear?"

Pretty soon we will be decorating our home, and crafting lovely things both familiar, and new. I am already imagining what we can do to make our little farm, feel like a real Christmas farm, with comforting homemade creations and inspiration. And very soon, we are going to decide on a place to go, a show to see, things to do when we leave our farm and have our Christmas City Day.

And You? Have you settled on a plan, new or old? Are you sewing or gluing or deciding or welding or raking...what's baking for your Holidays? Whatever your plans, I hope you feel inspired to make your holidays memorable and dear.


Miriam said...

Our plan was going to be to nest at home, taking the Christmas decorations out of their boxes for the first time in about six years. But family is calling us to the big city (Toronto) instead, so it will be the excruciating pain of airports at Christmas, followed by the heartfelt pleasure of family, followed by the torture of air travel again, followed by the aaaahhhhh of coming back home. Maybe the decorations will come out next year...

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Oh... I can relate. Those airline holidays are hard, yet worthwhile, yet hard! Do your best to keep it simple, and hopefully the airport woes will be few. And Miriam, thank you: I enjoy your comments very much.