Monday, November 29, 2010

Immeasurable Joy

Dear Maria,

You give your family more reasons to smile than I ever thought possible. You greet each day with enthusiasm and hope. You are uniquely spirited and happy, always dancing, singing, even anticipating the next dance, the next song. Because of you, we are blessed. Because of you, we have more laughter, more hugs, more visions of magic and imagination, and we have joy that cannot be measured... joy that reaches every corner and depth of our lives.

Sweet girl, you exemplify what it means to have a grateful heart, to take pleasure in each day. Thank you Maria. Thank you for the delight you find in the world, for the kind person that you are. Thank you for being a loving child. Thank you for telling me to "Take a deep breath, and just let it out slowly. Don't worry. Relax."

Six is so very young, but I cannot quite believe that you are this old already. The funny thing is, to hear you speak, to witness your kindness, it is hard to believe you are not older.

Immeasurable, unspeakable joy... I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for my children. And Maria... she is no more, or less, special, but she is Maria, uniquely, dearly Maria. We are blessed.


  1. Another chime of recognition. A lovely, beautiful description of your unique, beautiful daughter. I have one too and how I understand your sentiments.

  2. Yes, you are indeed blessed! Happy Birthday to Maria, now six years young.

  3. Sniff, sniff ...

    Such a wonderful tribute to your Maria! She is indeed all those things and more. A little whirlwind of happiness, laughter and caring - how could she not be special.

  4. This is such a wonderful post! I have only one child and it is a daughter! She is 26 going on 27! She is the light of my world!!

  5. this is a very sweet post in honor of your daughter! : )

  6. And we are blessed to be able to share a little of Maria, too! Happy Birthday!

  7. Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Maria!

  8. I Mara too. Happy birthday little chica!

  9. Thank you.
    This was one of the hardest posts to write... I kept crying, and was overcome with emotion. She has given us so much happiness, that I want to capture the effect... the essence of what she demonstrates, but words fail me.
    Finding these messages, and birthday wishes from all of you, knowing that we have friends all over the world, makes me feel even more blessed. Thank you for thinking of Maria on her special day, and for sharing your thoughts with us here at Chickenblog.
    Maria's face lit up, even more, when I read your messages to her. She was delighted to think that so many people were thinking of her and sharing in her happiness.

  10. :)

    I don't have the words either but you and your family are a delight and a very, beautiful family.

  11. I understand the true meaning of "Sweet heart" when I think of Maria, for that is what she has, and that is what she is.

    Love, Tutu

  12. Such a beautiful love letter to your precious Maria. May she always bring sunshine to warm your heart.

  13. Natalie and Miriam... thank you. My family is a blessing, and the friends I find here are very dear as well.

    Tutu... nicely put. Thank you.


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