Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lady Betty Orpington Asks:

Are you prepared?

Betty's asking. And in case you need help jump starting your holidays, Betty has scratched up a few favors for a holiday giveaway! She's hosting this giveaway to help two lucky Chickenblog readers prepare for the holidays.

Me: So, Betty,
what did you find to share with our friends? Anything corny?

Betty: Bok-bok-bok-bokkk-bop

Me: Okay then. Let's just have a look...

Care Package One
Betty, these look great. I see you included cranberries. Betty, do you like Bog Spread too? A wine opener... classy. Dark chocolate... very classy. And All Natural Fruit Flavored Yogurt Candy? Betty, you are a smart shopper. I see you've been to Trader Joe's. And the mouse? Nice touch including a homemade treat for the kitties.

Care Package Two
The Art of Chocolate, yes very thoughtful. Those pretty little Belgian chocolates are a welcome luxury. Betty, is that the new Sharpie that writes in a festive silver sparkle? And I see tape and a Post-it note pad. Who can get from here to the New Year without tape and lists? Not me. Oh, and another homemade gift... it smells so good!

On Saturday, bright and early, Chicken time, Betty is going to draw two names. First name gets their first choice of the two care packages, and the second name drawn gets the remaining care package. So, leave Betty a comment, be sure to let her know your first choice, and share a favorite tip: How do you stay cool, calm, collected, and connected during the holidays?

Here is an incentive to spread the word about Lady Betty Orpington's Holiday Giveaway: Share a link back to this post in your blog, let us know in the comments, and we will put your name in the grain sack twice!


  1. oh betty.... i so miss trader joe's... the closest one is almost 4 hours away.
    so really, either of these care packages would be just perfect, to make me think of christmas back home...
    but first choice would have to be pkg. #1...
    i recently decided i like wine (could be the missing home part, but who knows)
    and of course, the kitty mouse... both of our furry family members would love a treat too :)

  2. You are so thoughtful. Creative ideas too.
    I wish we had a Trader Jos.Tough choice but i would choose #1 so I could try your bog goodness.
    Staying calm...hmmm. Lots of eggnog and whiskey.

  3. Oh ho must know...the 2nd one's my "best in show!"

    (I didn't really mean to make that rhyme, it just kind of happened.)

  4. Dearest Betty, I really don't know which care package I like best they are both so tempting.So I would just say "You choose."
    My tip for staying calm is to include family members in what you are doing.It gives you some help and reminds one that family is what it is all about.

  5. I try to do everything after Dec 9 rather than spreading it over the whole month. Why Dec 9? my b'day. Don't forget now.

  6. Dear Betty, you are a girl after my own heart with all that chocolate goodness in package #1. I also have 2 fur kids that would love the cute little mouse. I will definitely try the Bog Spread, but without the walnuts.

    Staying calm ... ? Hmmm, retirement with a couple of whiskeys.

    My chicken girls would love to visit you as you are NOT having snow, and they would enjoy the warmth during the day. 28 degrees are not their favorite temp.
    Hugs to you

    p.s.: I can't believe I'm writing to a chicken ... LOL

  7. Hi Natalie, I mean Betty, to stay cool/calm/centered ... lots of walks on the beach and some yoga, always. I have to confess my addiction to sharpies, even my kindergarden classes recognize I was there .. when I leave my box of sharpies behind. So I have to chose package #2

  8. Well lovely Lady Betty, those care packages are both very tempting, but if I HAD to chose, I'd pick the second one! My children are forever "borrowing" ( using up ) my tape, lists and pens. I would keep this in my secret stash and maybe even use it for Santa to write a thank you not to them for his treat!
    As for keeping calm, I like to think of all of our blessings and try not to stress about all of the ridiculous things I try to finish ( does it really matter if they get done this year? )
    I love creating handmade gifts with my children too! Thanks for the lovely giveaway! I can't wait to find out who won :) Lisa

  9. Oh, so sweet, Betty. I have a half-numb face right now, and the dark chocolate looks super-yummy... I hope the mouse for the kitty makes it past your furry brother!

  10. I like Package #2. How do I stay cool, calm, collected, and connected during the holidays? With an advent calendar and always making the people I love HOW much they are loved... little surprises here and there too. Just to keep everyone on their toes. xo xo I'm posting this to my blog... so double lucky am I!

  11. The package with the little mouse is simply adorable! I know a kitty that would think that mouse was made just for them :)

  12. Muta is meowing in my ear for Package #1. He's got his eye on that little mousie...

  13. Betty, I would let you choose too, both of these look scrumptious and can I say you yourself look so bright and pretty, no I was not trying to influence you (LOL) x

  14. What sweet packages Miss Betty! I love both packages but #2 chocolates and a Sharpie, can't resist!:o)

    Happy weekend to you and the family dear Natalie!



  15. I stay calm, cool, and collected, because I remember what the holidays should be about - sharing time and love with other people. This is why it always surprises people that I turn down their Christmas parties and I don't go to all of the family celebrations. I believe that this holiday is about sharing QUALITY time, not quantity time, with others. I don't let my family overextend themselves and we spend a lot of quiet and contemplative time together. Playing board games, making food, singing to music, and laughing. It really helps. :)

  16. Hi Miss Betty, what a fun giveaway! Our family's first choice would be care package #2. Clara would love to have her hands on the silver sharpie and notepad. We can always use more tape, and I'm going to need spiced cider and chocolate after traveling in a car for 16 hours with two small children this Christmas! Traditions make me feel calm and connected during the holidays. One of our favorites is going to Zoo Lights.

  17. AND I've posted Lady Betty's likeness and link on my blog too.

  18. Dear Betty,
    It is not always easy to stay cool, calm and collected during the holidays. Follow the family traditions, bake a LOT and make time to enjoy the family. I hope you have a lovely holiday (and aren't you glad chicken is not on the menu? Me too!! My mom says she would take either package but probably would like the first one (she is a chocoholic).
    XOXO Osirus (the pea hen)


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