Friday, November 26, 2010

Pajama Day!

We may, or may not, leave the house, but I have every intention of staying in my pajamas for as long as comfortably possible.

Our Thanksgiving was mellow, homey, delicious, and well worth being thankful for. Michal and Helen came with delicious food... I love that for Thanksgiving people want to share their favorite dishes, because it means there will be plenty, and everything will taste wonderful!

I forgot to make a salad! We had a scrumptious roast turkey, which was kindly cooked in Helen's oven. We tried our first Tofurky, which was declared: Eh. We had green beans cooked with yams and chestnuts, which I declare: Yum! I made red cabbage, and two dressings/stuffings. I baked two apple pies and two pumpkin pies, and of course there was cranberry sauce! Mine, Helen's, and Alex's favorite can-molded variety! Michal and Helen brought mashed potatoes, a favorite with everyone, especially William, and they brought two more pumpkin pies and fresh whipped cream... which reminds me... breakfast!

Max refreshed our message board:

I love that Thanksgiving is so dear to people, that it can be celebrated in so many ways, and that each of us has specific, treasured memories, and ideas of what makes Thanksgiving special. This morning my cousin, Ashlie, shared Katalina's thoughts on enjoying a spectacular Thanksgiving:

"You can have a spectacular Thanksgiving in three glorious steps. First, go to your cabin in the mountains. Bring skis or snowshoes. Play on the zipline and on the rope in the cabin. Play in the fort. The zipline goes about three meters! Eat turkey and pumpkin pie. The turkey will not be smoked and the pumpkin pie will be just right! Having a spectacular Turk Day is a breeze!" by Katalina

Katalina, I am ready to reserve a spot in that cabin for next year! You know how to celebrate!

Max and I watched Alton Brown bake pies a few nights ago, and as Mr. Brown is a highly respected Geek cook, Max insisted we follow Mr. Brown's exact directions. So, now we have a pie bird. Two, actually. I found the traditional black bird, and this little chica! And yes, it worked! Since moving to this kitchen, I have had multiple pie blow-outs, but the pie-chica kept everything intact.

Apples set one by one, in a circle, and baked in a tart pan... just like Alton's.

It's funny... I never take enough pictures during Thanksgiving. It was the most gorgeous day here. The cloudless sky was jewel blue. We were all home, and with our friends. The house was fairly-nearly-practically clean! So, many wonderful opportunities for photo memories. Maybe I just, for once, focus on the moment, and leave the camera on the counter.

Maria, on the other hand, is developing quite the blogger's eye for artistry and documentation. Lately she insists on having her snacks photographed for posterity. This pear, for example, was so cute, and small that she could not possibly eat it until I snapped a picture.

Well, here is one picture from Thanksgiving day, when Maria was sharing her phonograph with Michal.

Alex, Maria, and I made two red wagon trips down the street to bring over the dishes that Michal and Helen were sharing. Later, after we feasted all we could hold, we took a leisurely walk down our street. We saw a hot air balloon, found a penny, noted the pretty houses, and the fragrance of cedar and pine trees. And we anticipated those pies. Pie.

Where did I recently read someone's favorite statement: "Hold on to your forks, there is pie." It's sheer poetry. (*Found it! Thank you Jane's Apron!)

Maria opened up the barn doors! Two by two, she thoughtfully posed our farm animals all the way to the top of the stairs.

With a bit of domestic shame, I reminded Maria: Please do not give tours of mommy and daddy's bedroom, or mommy's office. They are the two most neglected spaces in the house. Maria loves giving home tours, which can be quite thorough, and thoroughly embarrassing. (Of course, I have just managed to reveal my embarrassing *secret* on a very public scale!) So, true to her promise to respect my mess, she gave a tour announcing, "We are not going in there, or there... mommy says they are too messy."

Hmmmm... I suppose it wouldn't hurt to clean my office, as long as I am home, in my pajamas anyway. Well, it might hurt a little. But first, I will need something to fuel me, maybe, I dunno... pie?!


Amanda at 32˙North said...

Pajamas, pies, sunshine... sounds like the making of a perfect day! Wasn't the weather perfect yesterday!? I couldn't refuse and, between stuffing and cranberry sauce making, sneaked away for a surf down at the campgrounds.

Jen ( said...

She makes a fine home decorator! :D

giozi said...

Qué emoción cuántos preparativos. De dónde eres?
Yo soy peruana :)

Vine aquí a través de soule mama.
Este es mi This moment:

Kara said...

I think it is a law (or should be, at least) that the day after Thanksgiving should be all PJs, all the time. Also, there was a whole thing in the November Martha Stewart about pie birds, but even she didn't have a pie chicken!

Miriam said...

I have very good friends who, when they spend a week at their cabin, designate one day "Pyjama Day". It always sounded like a good idea to me. (They also have a "Naked Day" but that's another story...)

Today was going to be my "Stay in Bed All Day Day" but then the sun came out (for all of 5.3 seconds...) and that was the end of that.

Anonymous said...

I love that Maria is developing an eye for detail :-) And I know just what you mean about photos. I took no photos at all though there were several moments (with a tray of soups in hand or tongs and a plate of bread or...) that I wished I could snap away.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

A pajama day! HA! I think that every Saturday ends up being a pajama Saturday here!

Oh! Little farm animals! So cute!

judy in ky said...

I love those little farm animals!

natalie said...

i just love the toys on the staircase. reminds me of when i was a child and lived in a 2-level home. wishing you a wonderful holiday! your girl is adorably cute.

Mama Spark said...

Love the stairway animals! Also, kids say the darndest things don't they? I remembering in the grocery store when one of my girls was little and her announcing , very loudly, "Daddy likes beer doesn't he mommy?" HAHA, how embarassing!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Amanda... you were smart to include surfing on Thanksgiving day. Any time spent outdoors on that gorgeous day was a good idea.

Jen... thank you. We have not put them away. They belong there!

Giozi... mucho gusto, y bienvenida a *Chickenblog!* Soy de los EEUU, con familia de Mexico. Que lindos tus hijo limpiecitos... muy bonito *moment.* A mi me encanta el blog de Amanda Soule... hay mucha inspiracion en ella.

Kara...I am making it an official post turkey-day tradition: Pajama Day will not be denied! And the pie bird, chicken bird... they really did their job.

Miriam... the sun rules! *Naked Day* I just got goosebumps thinking of it... I imagine that is a summer tradition?!

Nikkpolani... you and I take a lot of photographs. Maybe it's okay to have one day a year when we make a picture in our minds. Especially a day that keeps us as busy as Thanksgiving day.

Cheyenne-Millie... and what about the *cats's pajamas?* That must be everyday, right?

Judy... Maria knows they are mommy's! lol. I feel so proud for sharing!

Natalie... Happy Holidays to you too! I hope it is full of good memories of childhood and home.

Mama Spark... oh they do! They do indeed. lol