Monday, December 06, 2010

Be All I Can Be... and then some

*This may be (another) one of those occasions when I should not be publishing my musings... like being on meds and operating heavy machinery, you think you're capable, but that is actually the first indication that you are not capable, or particularly safe. I will keep this simple, lengthy, but simple.

I must summon untapped reserves of undiscovered energy, resolve, and magical mom powers. I need to unleash my Super Chicken!

1. Maria has relapsed. And what never sounded like "whooping cough" is definitely sounding like whooping cough now. Geoff and I took turns doing a twelve hour shift as living mattresses. This is going to be a painful Monday. Poor Maria. In the middle of one the cough-barf-cough sessions, she sputtered indignantly, "This is so boring!"

2. Max was Constantine. And Augustus. And even though his notice to me was short, we got him in costume, and with good props. I got see the whole program, with students acting out the scenes and events from ancient history. Give me a chance, and I will see about slipping in some pictures... but we have to get Max's permission first. Evidently he is less convinced than I am, that he looks awesome in a tunica and toga!

3. I *heart* robotics, children, science, students, math, children, art, students, music, children, glitter, glue, chickens, and children. And no matter how it crushes my blogger stats, I will never stop posting about robotics.

4. Feedback, comments... these are the fuel that make a blogger's heart beat stronger. I love your comments!

5. Pay bills.

6. Pay bills, clean out car, clean-up carport, clean everything.

7. Seriously.

8. Ask Lonnie if Chickenblog can host her amazing 2102 Team Paradox video. Watching it makes me smile through tears. See #3.

9. Submit Make-Club forms.

10. Clean. I thought of this again, because what I really want to do is decorate for Christmas, but decorating a messy house is yucky for me.

11. Decorate for Christmas! And clean!

12. Make lists... <----- funny, to me. A list reminding me to make lists. being easy to amuse is one of my finer qualities.

13. Cure Maria's sickness.

14. Be everywhere my calendar is reminding me I have to be this week. Cancel those events where I know I want to be, but cannot be.

15. Make gift for the Queen Bee.

16. Clean.

17. Photograph, edit, format, write and proofread, then publish posts about:
a. Missy's aprons, and unbelievable generosity.
b. The success and merits of pie birds.
c. Max as Roman emperors.
d. Ripple progress.
e. And other WIP's.
f. Christmas crafts, dreamed of and real, and my new favorite supplier.
g. General blog love and shout outs with links to new (to me) blogs I am enjoying.
h. Gratitude post about Jola and B, and their sweetness.
i. Humility post about being in pajamas, at noon, when Jola and B came to the door.
j. Gratitude post about a sick little girl and the brothers who stayed by her side and put together a 200 piece ladybug puzzle with her.

17. Get Zelda off of the nest and those fertile eggs! Oh dear.

18. Oh yes, and clean the house. Then move out, and seal it. Just kidding. But, if when it is clean, I better not catch anyone mussing it up again!
Do you ever feel that way?

19. Give me strength.

Super Chicken!
Help me, Super Chicken!


ArtyZen said...

Love your lists! Hope Maria gets well before Christmas (preferably tomorrow, of course) but before Christmas definitely. And a big thank you! (I found the blog you 'enjoyed' first and thought how brilliant it was to discover another excellent blogger and added it to my list.) Went back to check the other one out and nearly jumped out of my skin!! Delighted - thank you. I am sure only really nice people will visit from your site, so I'll watch out and take care of them. Keep making the lists. (Is this too long for a 'comment'?)Axxx

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Annie... no! Not too long at all! Thank you.

All: Visit Annie's blog, but promise not to utterly abandon me when you discover she has something wonderful happening over there!

nikkipolani said...

I remember Super Chicken!

I like #13 -- poor dear Maria.

I feel your pain as you list Pay Bills...twice. Ugh. It's a leeeetle bit less painful now that I do online bill-pay, but stil...

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Nikkipolani... some day I may have you over to get my personal-financial-paperwork life in order... it should only take about a month!

Miriam said...

Oh, there is a lot going on in your life! Maybe a nice cup of tea is in order...

When Super Chicken is finished sorting things out for you, could you send him over here? Please?

Katie said...

Go go super chicken! And poor Maria. How boring indeed!

Tracy said...

Hi, Natalie! Oh, now I missed your posted while we were away. We're back from our Thanksgiving/USA trip--had wonderful time! I'm slowing getting to visiting and such though, as I've not been feeling too well in recent days--but getting there. Great to be catching up with you and back in blogland. Hoping VERY much Marie will be on the mend for good soon and fit for Christmas. :o) Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Mama Spark said...

Sounds like you are being Super Natalie! If Super Chicken shows up send her my way. I hope Maria is feeling better soon and that the cleaning fairy shows up to help you. Maybe you can tie dusting cloths to the cat's tails? LOL!!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

My holiday wish for each of you: A visit from Super Chicken! But please send Super Chicken back here, because I am challenged domestically.

Nota Buena: Maria is sleeping. She has been sleeping all night. Thank you God. Amen.