Friday, December 31, 2010

Remembering 2010

Hans, Natalie, Eunice, Delia


Sooner or later I look back on a year, and it evokes particular sentiments, and conjures events that tie themselves to that year. Sometimes one wedding, or one birth, is forever associated with its year. It's not always obvious what feelings or ideas, what activities will forever more be connected with a year, but it seems like eventually it happens, like 1977 will always be the year Star Wars premiered. Did anything else happen in 1977? Oh, yes: We moved to Guatemala, and could not see Star Wars in any theater, and had to content ourselves with humming John William's musical score.

I haven't figured out 2010. It's too soon. It's too soon for it to be passing, and too soon to be defining it. But I did find some unique moments from this almost gone year. In chronological order, I have posted some memorable glimpses of the very end of 2009, through 2010.

Max, happy at the beach.

Taking over the side yard, for chicas, and gardening!

New Year... New Bots!

2010 is definitely the year Alex settles in to high school.
Sky Consortium members, Alex and Isaac.

And it's been a year of changes, and growing, for William.

I cannot deny that we became an even more devoted FIRST family in 2010.

This smile... I love this smile. It reminds me that we were feeling at home in the Bird House. It's wonderful.

Happy at home, and in Atlanta! The year 2010 may belong to 2102 Team Paradox!

A year filled with play, is a very good year.

Definitely. Love. Play!

Rich, pushing Izzy and Maria around their backyard construction site. I think Holly and Rich will find this a memorable year for the amazing work accomplished in their backyard.

Joe loved sitting beneath the roses.

Michael and CC and Maria, and field of wild flowers. We love our neighbors.

More signs of growth... this is the first year our children make adventures on their own. Alex in Oregon, and Max at sixth grade camp. (It was harder on their mother.)

How about first time meeting Austin and Katalina? First time in a wet suit? Dude, 2010 was awesome!

Awesome because of cousins Dominic and Marissa! And family visits to the Bird House.

Will Max grow taller than Alex in 2011? They're close!

Lucas, Max, William, and ol' blue
Could Max get as tall as William? I'm going to need an actual limo to drive my tall family around town.

Funny, how after a little time passes the worries and stresses can fade, and the happy endings find their way to the top of my memories.

Even canceled plans, postponements, and deflated aspirations, can spring back bigger and better than hoped for!

It has been a good year... I mean, here we are, ready to move forward, so that is good in itself, right?
Never give up. Never surrender!

And dress pretty. Sparkle!
Maria taught me this... it helps.


Yes. All ready.

Welcome New Year


Emily Cole said...

Oh my goodness - your year looked so exciting! I don't know if I can do a retrospective of our year... so much to think about, and so little creativity this past year for us! Ugh! I love your pictures and love reading about your family! Thanks for sharing, Natalie!

Miriam said...

Thanks for sharing your memorable year with all of us - and here's to a wonderful 2011!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Natalie! Love seeing your year reviewed with such joy.

ArtyZen said...

A wonderful, warm reflection of year that I know has had its ups and downs for you. I hope that 2011 will be all you would like - and a whole lot more too. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.
(I DO so love your blogging style - you have it all and do it so well!)

mtnchild said...

Wonderful review! 2011 will be just as wonderful for your family, if not better! You have a way of making life great even with the little bumps along the way, but remember - they make you stronger.

Many Hugs and much love,

Happy brand new 2011 ... WOW

Kate said...

Beautiful. Happy New Year to you and your family Natalie!

Susan said...

I can't say that our family has had as exciting a year as yours, but it has been filled with as much love. Beautiful memories of a great year! Happy New Year, Natalie! May 2011 bring many pleasures!

Love from your kindred spirit,

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you for sharing your memories!!

Karla said...

What a fun look back! It is great getting to know a little bit more about your family through pictures. A very happy New Year to you too!

Jennifer said...

Lovely, rich, energizing, inspiring stuff! I love it all, and all the photos, but especially love the portrait of your children at the very end (I know you've posted other versions before [right?]...) -- magnificent. Here's to the adventures and stories of 2011~~

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Happy New Year!!

Jennifer, the kid's posed on our city-symphony day. I love it! Thank you. A whole new year. Is it symbolic, or is there something to this fresh start? I want a lot of goodness to come your way.

Karla...Happy New Year. So happy to have discovered *One of Your Blogs!*

Cheyenne-Millie... you are a purrfect dear!

Kindred Spirit... you make me smile. Our year has been full of excitement, of many varieties. The love is what makes the best of the year shine through. I hope the new year brings many pleasures for you, me, and all.

Thank you Katie! You must be excited about the possibilities ahead... I look forward to following your journey.

(((hugs))) Yvette. Thank you for being a soft spot in our days... making the bumps easier. How are those chicas of yours holding up?

Annie... eres tan simpatica. Thank you. You have been encouraging to me, and I think meeting you has been a wonderful part of this year... looking forward to sharing your adventures in this new year.

Nikkipolani... I take inspiration from you. Thank you.

Miriam... isn't it exciting? So glad we met, and happy to know we have this new year to enjoy.

Em... it's all about editing, censorship! Come on! I know you have amazing tales to share. I am in awe of all you are managing, and achieving. Seriously, Em. You are an inspiration.