Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Navel Gazing

I have something really important to say!


Really this is just one of those times that pops up periodically, when I contemplate the peculiarities of blogging and blog statistics. This is not meant to be narcissistic, although, let's face it, this is my blog about me and my interests... (Insert amused, self-aware laugh here.)

I have no intention of making this an interesting post. So you know. Stuff is clogging up my noggin, and I mean to write it down. Random style.

Navel Gazing and the Uninteresting Post:

1. So far, I have Googled twice for this post. I confirmed that "navel gazing" means what I want it to mean: Lots of introspective thought, with an implication that I am not getting real work done. And also I wasn't getting the spelling on narcissistic right, so thank you Google.

2. Maria is being taught "Smarty Spelling." I think this is hilarious. I recognize and appreciate the method. I let my boys spell all they wanted, however they wanted, because it gave them the confidence to try, to begin. So, basically smarty spelling means sounding a word out, and writing it as best you can. The reason it amuses me, is because with spell check in every writing format commonly used these days, it seems like we are all depending on smarty spelling! If I can get enough right letters on the monitor, hopefully spell check will come through and finish my thoughts for me. Trouble is I am losing actual spelling skills. Daily. Not to mention the ability to hold a pencil. Also, "Smarty Spelling" may account for all the lose change I keep loosing.

3. There are one hundred and eighty people following Chcikebbl Chickenblog on Google. Last week there were one hundred and eighty one people following Chcikebbl Chickenblog on Google.

Where did you go One Reader?

There is a consistent pattern: Time passes, I manage to write something interesting, and a new reader signs up to follow Chcie the blog. There are one hundred eighty-one readers. Then, I release all of my pent up Geek-Robo passion and write about FIRST and 2102 Team Paradox, or Comic-Con, or about how cool
Neodymium magnets are, or fun things to do with dry ice. Then I loose lose a reader. I must get seriously, painfully boring, because it takes initiative to remove a blog from the Google Reader... my boringness actually motivates some people! That's kind of cool. Strangely.

4. Blogging magazines, articles, handbooks, manuals... they all say the same thing about gaining readership, holding their interest. They say a blogger should stick to one or two themes. I am never going to be that kind of blogger.

An anecdote that I think is funny: Amanda Soule asked her readers about their sewing projects, and even though she gets hundreds of comments, and I felt sure mine would be a small voice in a sea of many lovelier voices, I submitted a link about the snack bags I made.

Days later I saw in the blog statistics that dozens and dozens of visitors from Soule Mama were coming here, to Chiekcnblog to my blog! And I had to ask, "Why? Why would there be traffic to Chickenblog all of a sudden, and what were they coming to see?" Well. They were coming to see a completely random post that I mistakenly linked to in Amanda Soule's comments. The wrong link! It's the equivalent of sending invitations, with the wrong date, to honorable VIP guests, that you would never expect to show up, and having them actually arrive!

I apologize to all one hundred and twenty-two Soule Mama readers who came to Chcikenblog to Chickenblog and discovered I cannot type, and that I was leading them to a post not about sewing. I am deeply, deeply sorry, and also amused, because it's just the sort of bass-awkwards luck I would have.

Warning: A new robotics post is coming. I can feel it rising up from the heart of my Geeky soul! I will use the words: gear, drive, motor, pole, crate, spirit, work, metal, and passion.

Where did you go One Reader? Come back! Robotics, and students that work together is a very good thing. It is a sign of greatness and hope. I invite you to celebrate Geek Goodness, and rejoice in the joys of innovation, creativity, and the perseverance of young minds. And also, I am going to have a giveaway! Free stuff! Hahahaa-hahaha! But seriously. You may already be a winner.

And now: cleaning, and errands, and other domestic perils. Not only do I type with errors, and misspellings, I also type slowly. I am sure I am late for something.


Miriam said...

I follow a handful of blogs (I am happily one of your 180) and even though I found my way to each of them via either a gardening/farming/chicken link or a cooking/gluten-free link, I have to say that what I find most fascinating is the unexpected places those blogs take me to (like Cyber-punk and robots, in your case, even though I found you because of chickens), and the glimpses of whole lives that peek through the lines. So more power to you, I say!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! And while I do not have a blogging profile and can't be a follower because of that, I do have you in my favorites and I visit your site pretty much daily.

ArtyZen said...

My kind of blog, my kind of blogging, my kind of bloffer - sorry, bollgger - blogger!! (Genuine typos - how bizarre. Left them in to show affinity.)

Cat said...

Google lets me know that I have a somewhat creative way of spelling, on occasion, as well. And I have heard that you must have a blog for each subject. I did that, I would have several dozen blogs! Not gonna happen!

And, I love the geeky stuff, keep it comin'!


Lesley said...

It's not me!
I do know that anguish when you lose a reader — I'm still curious about a follower I lost last year. What did I do? What didn't I do? Aaaaagh ...

Emily Cole said...

I'm also a 'random' blogger... I will blog about anything that pops up... I think that's why I love your blog so much - it's a lot like mine... except your pictures are much more beautiful! I had a bunch of 'followers' and 'regulars' a couple of years ago, but I think my randomness bored them too much... oh well - I think if we don't blog for ourselves, who do we blog for? :)

Rois said...

My followers rarely leave comments, which is a bit frustrating,leaves me feeling like I am talking to myself and maybe if I am lucky my chickens are listening.SO I am leaving you a comment to let you know I love your random blog and your voice.
Navel gazing sounds more fun than watching the sky for the 3 inches of snow we were suppose to get today,it has yet to come and the weather folks are now saying tomorrow.

judy in ky said...

I don't like gazing at my navel. It makes me look at my fat stomach. I do like daydreaming, though. My first grade teacher said on my report card that I daydream a lot and I haven't changed.

test said...

I am still here, and I am very interested in ear, drive, motor, pole, crate, spirit, work, metal, and passion and all that stuff:>)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Well cheers for randomness!
Cheers for lovely comments and the lovelier people who leave comments!
Cheers for daydreamers, and curious folk!
It is interesting to contemplate who is reading, what people care about, what works, and does not work, but Em is right about who we blog for. Ultimately it has to be for ourselves.
Thanks to all of you for joining my navel gazing (which thankfully is only metaphorical!)

Oiyi said...

That's a funny mistake. But it is always exciting to see a flood of blog traffic. It makes you scratch your head, huh? Melody thought the second photo was a whale. Lol.

Kate said...

I always read what you write. May not comment, but try most of the time. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, navel-gazing and all.