Thursday, March 31, 2011

Backyard Fun Since 2002

Geoff sends me links through email. I like to think of them as love letters, little tokens of his affection. His most recent love letter came in the form of a news article about backyard chickens. It's all about the backyard chicken phenomenon... small flocks in people's suburban gardens. Hmmmm... sounds familiar. And amusing for me, because I am rarely, if ever, riding the wave of the latest, greatest new thing.

Oh. Hello Betty.

Betty is visiting with the two jail bird roosters. We put them in the poky when Kamen and the Mini-Bots are out... or whenever we don't want our legs gouged by two feathered goons.

Betty wasn't around back in the day, when all our chicas were quarantined. Having backyard chickens is fun, but it has its trials too.

Heebie-Jeebie, Edison.

Speaking of 'trials.'

Kara, you are exactly right, and we joke about this all the time: Edison is like a cartoon villain, and little Zoltar is the foil, small and handsome. When Edison shuffles over to me, with his black cape draped dramatically across his lumbering frame, I just know he has an evil plot in his small brain.

Edison and Zoltar stay in jail, only an hour long sentence, so we can enjoy some peace and quiet... well, we enjoy not being attacked, at least.

Hola, Chicas!

Here, they are, two weeks old, and already developing wing feathers, and growing little tail sprouts. And here I go... hoping those are hen tails! No more gallos, por favor.

Puff was rebuked by Zelda. Neither Betty, nor Puff, has made any attempt to harm Kamen or the Mini-Bots, but Zelda is getting more protective. She definitely kicked Zoltar's feathered posterior. Puff has taken to keeping a clear distance from her Silky sister.

Betty. Betty, get away from those jailbirds!

Either she is mocking them and their pitiable state, or she is working out a plan to help them breakout.

Betty, don't do it. They're no good. Don't listen to their lies. Their cocky deceptions.

I am afraid Betty has forgotten the heartache of dysfunctional, abusive relationships. She's been hurt before, but evidently she believes these two can be reformed. I am not so convinced.


nikkipolani said...

Thank you for a real-life look at keeping chicas and jailbirds, gouged legs and all. The little chicklets are adorable, though...

judy in ky said...

I hope Betty keeps her wits about her and listens to you!

Anonymous said...

Look how much those chicks have grown!!! I think Betty should stay away from the jailbirds for her own sake.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ladies... I feel so conflicted, like such a poor farmer. Edison, the villainous rooster, really is quite horrible. He has to go! I am just not sure who will take him, besides the butcher. This really is the real-life look at keeping chickens!