Tuesday, April 26, 2011

His Project for the Runway

Alex finished his project for the high school Fashion and Design Guild. William, Maria, and I were at our first runway fashion show, to cheer for Alex's impressive and original design... metal shop savvy + steampunk style = very cool.

Details are at Love and Rockets, and by the time we are at Maker Faire, I think we will be seeing new and improved fashioned art.


pussman and co said...

Hi Nathalie, I enabled the cookies and it worked! Thank you so much!XX

Good Luck Alex!!

Sabine said...

I'm very curious to see the result! My daughter wants to study theater costume next year. So nice to watch the talents of the next generation, isn't it?

Tracy said...

Genius.. PURE GENIUS! Be corset is beautiful... very impressive, Alex! Love you HAPPY snaps series, Natalie :o) ((HUGS))