Monday, April 18, 2011

Harder than metal...

... and when we aren't building robots...
I am teaching Alex how to sew. He joined a fashion and design club at school, and this week they are having a fashion show.

Alex should seriously consider bringing his latest project to Maker Faire. He designed a corset, with a turn key he made in metal shop, and he is learning new skills, like pattern reading, fabric cutting, and stuff at the sewing machine. Stitch in the ditch, anyone?

Actually I know the expression from quilting, but when we were reading the oh-so very vague pattern instructions for making a corset... we were laughing, sort of crying, and feeling utterly lost. Now we are deep into uncharted waters... boning, channels, stitching in the ditch of the front-front, side front, contrast front, and eyelets, busks, and dull scissors. Well, we can't blame the dull scissors on anyone or anything, but ourselves.

Dear Mister E. Bunny, would you be so kind as to send chocolate, and good sewing shears? Best regards, and 18 karat love, from us, the amateurs.

Dedicated and true, he has not lost hope in being able to complete this corset and the blouse that will go with it. Ahead: about sixty eyelets that have to be punched into the corset, and a turn key installed in the back.

Nice fabric choices, Alex. Can't wait to see it completed!


  1. Damn girl, you have some talented kids!! :-)

  2. Ah, thank you Tami... coming from a talented woman, like you, this is very high praise indeed. Thank you for the links too. We wonder if we will be trying a project like this again, or if we'll just be relieved to survive this one time venture.

  3. I'm sorry, when I was learning to sew, I was making doll-sized pillow cases and little skirts for my barbies. Alex starts with a corset. *smacks forehead* Can't wait to see how it turns out :-)

  4. lol... I know, right?! And I don't want to discourage the initiative, but oh my goodness! This is definitely a learning experience for the both of us. That is something that has been so good for me... the challenges my children want to take on, that sometimes challenge me too. It's good for me to step out of my comfort zone (I am reminding myself!)

  5. This could be great for me, I could get a corset made and would not have to lose weight. What is the turn-key for, is it depending how tide you want the corset to be?

  6. Did you mean "18-carrot love?" ;)

    Looking forward to the results. You are such a lucky lady to be able to share one of your passions with more than one of your kids.

  7. The talent in your house is amazing! I also can't wait to see the finished product!

  8. Your boys always look so sharp in their photos that it is no wonder Alex is doing this.Can't wait to see the finished garments.

  9. GORGEOUS golden yellow fabric, Alex! A corset... he begins with a corset--bless him! He is a super-talent... as are all your lovely children, Natalie. Wow... I remember in home ec (do they even have that now, or have I dated myself by saying that?! LOL!) We had choice of making a pair of shorts or easy vest. I recall having sewn a vest. I've been sewing a long time, but not sure I'd take on a corset even now. Please do share that finished corset--would love to see! :o) Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))


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