Sunday, May 01, 2011

Did Everyone Behave?

Zoltar, I better not hear any bad reports about you. I hope you have been on your best behavior... or better, than your best.

We are on our way home. It's been a busy, exciting week. Seeing all of you silly birds should be a happy occasion, assuming you didn't make trouble for anyone.

Zelda, I hope you didn't raise a flap. You're such a good mama, I suppose you are entitled to raising a flap or two. You keep those chicks in order.

Chango, Benjamin, we miss you so much! I won't even grumble about changing kitty litter, not for a few days, anyway.

Ratty-Rats! Oh, Ratty Rats. It will be good to hear your wheel, and watch you nibble cheese.

Sanka, our next project should be a hutch renovation... but before we launch into any "next projects," I think a long nap, and quiet reflection is in order.

I welcome coming home. It will be just what we need.


Geoff said...

Mom, thanks for watching the house and the critters!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, gang. All the critters were as good as they can be. What a cast of characters!

Love, Mom

test said...

We did miss you, especially this weekend, and hope to hear all about the trip this week.

Janece said...

Welcome home!

Mama Spark said...

Welcome home!! I'm sure your critters missed you too!!