Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Big One


Water balloons.

Max and Maria have been playing with the pack of water balloons I bought them. They've had fun testing the holding power of the little balloons. They've had fun testing my patience when they walk through the house, carrying their water balloons... no mishaps, so far!

But when Max walked up to me with this one... whoa!

How much is in there? A gallon?


Outside, please.

Summer is for exploration, for finding new boundaries, figuring out the answers to questions that take form in the idle moments after breakfast, before sunset.

How strong is a party balloon-punch bag?
How much water will it hold?
What's it gonna do if we stick a pin through it?
Splash, or sploosh?

Max waited for Alex to set up the high speed camera before sticking his creation with the pin. By the way, summer + high speed cameras = uber-slo-mo-fun! We will post footage soon. Otherwise you miss what happens between here...

and here!

I'd say it was a burst and a sploosh, but we'll see what the other camera has to say about that!


Kim said...

High speed camera???? Cool! I imagine there are endless possibilities with that! You said it; Summer is for exploration!

Is that a jacaranda tree I spy in the background? Just gorgeous.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It is a jacaranda tree, and June is the month for seeing them at their best.
The high speed camera is a "tool" my husband could not resist. He works in the computer/entertainment industry... oh, and he's a total geek! It has been fun and handy... great for robotics, when things are happening fast, and we need to see how components are working or not working!

Tracy said...

haha... very funny! Can't wait to see the camera footage! LOVE your jacaranda tree. I've seen them only in lovely to have one for real...*sigh*... Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Cool! And I love these wonderful colors of summer in your photos.

Jennifer said...

So totally and completely what summer, and downtime generally, is all about. Not being told/assigned the questions, but discovering them on your own -- as well as the means to your own answers. We're waiting to see the high speed and wondering how we're going to get ourselves similarly equipped....