Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Expect to Be Surprised

::Photograph By Delia::

This is a gratitude post. Long overdue. My prayers are all gratitude, but sometimes these things need to be, want to be, declared. Out loud.

Thank you, mommy for sending us photographs, and pencils, chipotle jelly, fabric, Velcro, patterns, magazines, scarves, earrings, earrings, earrings, and love. Above all: love. And thank you for making your way all the way here, whenever you can. You never stop caring, extending yourself, staying in touch. And Ronnie, thank you too, because you are a great facilitator, a true heart.

Thank you, Geoff. For all of it. I would follow you anywhere.

Thank you, Missy of Spring Bean Things, because your talents and generosity come together, and you have bestowed gifts upon my home. I am humbled.

Thank you, Annie T, because in the market today Maria stayed warm wearing the pretty hat you knit for her. And because you have a lively and expressive spirit.

::Our tree gives smiling lemons::

Thank you Suki, for the music in our home. Every chord, every melody, every whimsical note that you emit makes me feel ever more blessed.

Thank you, William. I see you there, quiet and aware. You are perceptive and caring, and everyday I am the recipient of your thoughtful kindness. I love you.

Thank you, Lisa, and Holly, and Ruth... three women who made everything easier, more pleasant, more fun, on the Fourth of July. Where would I be without the extra hands and good hearts of family and friends who quietly and wholeheartedly step in and participate? Happy, safe children, and clean forks... these are the daily miracles that make me thankful.

Thank you, Max. You endure, you strive, you excel. You are dutiful and brave. You amaze me, and... well, the rest I save for your ears, because that is how you would prefer to learn how much I love you.

Thank you, Lady Betty Orpington. My hen. My muse. My reminder that dreams can come true, but only if we are willing to step out and scratch around.

Thank you, Aunt Carol. For listening. I poured my heart out, and you listened, with kindness, intelligence, and compassion. It was a tremendous help.

Thank you, Andrea for being a light... shining your gratitude, your attitude, your passion... your beams reach the darkest recesses and make life brighter.

::Our tree makes bird apples::

George, thank you. You are the kind of teacher and friend that makes all the good difference in the world. One hopes to know smart, dedicated, interesting, inspiring people. We are fortunate to know you.

Our neighbors, our biergarten brothers, our sisters in the 'hood: thank you! We were happy enough just to find a home, but you have made our lives here very, very dear.

Alex, thank you. You are navigating new waters, trying on new hats, growing up, and I am marveling over it all... seeing you become your own self. What a privilege. I love you.

Janece and Anna Banana, thank you. One of you, I have yet to meet in person, and one of you has become a closer friend than I ever knew possible, and if it weren't for you two, online-multi-player gaming, and FB, I don't know how I would make it through the week! (Take that, social media naysayers!)

Thank you, Bill and Alison for keeping us up to date, for those dear peeks and photos of life in your neighborhood. Those regular glimpses of your beautiful family do my heart good.

Maria, goodness, you are. Thank you for bringing me along, as you embrace joy, and dance through life with optimism and love so great, so profound that it is what I never thought probable, but hoped to dream possible. You are happiness.

::Delia's photograph, taken in Corvalis, Oregon::

Expect to be surprised. I am learning, new things, all the time. And even amidst grief and heartache, I find that life gives me reasons to smile, reasons to reflect with a grateful heart on some really marvelous people and events. And amazingly, delightfully, I find that the more I open my mind and heart to the possibility of good, the more I find to smile about, to enjoy, to celebrate. It does not have to be a grand gesture, or a big occasion... I know that joy comes in small and unexpected places. Thank You for that.


Kim said...

This was beautiful. And yes, I agree, the more you open yourself up to the possibility of goodness, the more you find. Wonderful, how that works out!

nikkipolani said...

What a lovely thankful post! Love the photos that punctuated it perfectly.

Tracy said...

Tears a-flowing, Natalie... This is so lovely. And it's it amazing what happens when we keep that heart wide open all the time, no matter what? :o) Blessings to you, my friend... And your sweet bird-apples make me smile. ((HUGS))

Aphra said...

A beautiful post :)
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