Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

We are nearly, almost, kind of ready.
Maria has kept us on track with her countdown to the Fourth of July, especially reminding everyone that we will be playing the sponge-water-bucket game she learned! Max mowed the lawn. William assembled the fire ring. Alex drilled some of the one hundred and forty-five holes in the metal tube for our fire-works. Geoff made all (almost all) our books fit in our secret library! Suki taught me four chords on the ukulele. Maria sliced the apples. I dusted the chicken coop.

Two apple pies
Three tubs of ice cream
Forty burgers
Three trays of Iron-Man pasta
Tuna Salad
Lots of juice and pops
Sangria and beer

A fire ring
A movie projector
Sponges and buckets
Water balloons
American flags
Red, white, and blue flowers
A new, citizen... Congratulations Helen!
A Ruben's Tube (fingers crossed)
A T-shirt cannon prototype
Rev up Lavender
A cleaner house
And fifty-four confirmed guests! It would not be a party without friends!

I love our country, our ideals, our opportunities, our spacious skies, and brotherhood.

Our sky is blue this morning, the pies are baked. I still have a thing, or three, to check off the list, but I think we are mostly, nearly ready. My heart is with loved ones far away, and closer by. My thoughts are with Americans who wish to be home today, and I thank them for their service. I am so excited for this day... for the liberty of playing with friends, learning, sharing, and celebrating together!


Kim said...

The party sounds AWESOME! It's going to be so much fun.

nikkipolani said...

Oh, this sounds wonderful! Those look like they might be apples from your own tree?

judy in ky said...

Beautiful post, Natalie. Your day sounds perfect.

Anne Marie said...

Hi Natalie! thanks for visiting the farm this morning.........I can see the love of your family and country is evident - and it can all be wrapped up in an apple pie - love it!

warren said...

Gosh did we ever eat! Sounds like you may have outdone us but not by much!