Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday Was...

Sunday was tea party day. Remember when a tea party meant putting out your pretty plates and gathering your friends? Maria was up bright and early, nine hours early, to announce that she had dressed herself beautiful for our tea party.

Sunday was laundry folding day, and lawn mowing day.

Sunday was a day for giving thanks, and reflecting.

Sunday was Andrea's birthday.

Sunday was still life day, for Alex and Suki, who are in studio art together.

Sunday was order pizza day, and putter in the garage day. Sunday was watch a movie day.

Sunday was the day to clear-off the porch table, snuggle Benjamin, clean the carport, repair the mini-bot tower... browse the Internet.

Sunday I made pot roast, and smashed potatoes. William made salad. Max set the table. Maria helped. Sunday we picked a lemon from our tree, and baked lemon cupcakes. We made a pot of tea on Sunday.

Sunday was the day we were invited to Maria's tea party, and we enjoyed our time together at the Bird House.


Jennifer said...

Oh, I do so entirely remember tea parties, and *real* china; my own little tea set sits in a place of honor in our china cabinet. What an icing on your lovely cake of a day!

judy in ky said...

Sunday was a good day!

ArtyZen said...

Some days just 'work', don't they? Sounds like this one worked a treat! Could do with a few of these days myself. Will 'work' on it as I feel very mellow after reading your words and seeing these lovely pictures. Axxx

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Oh! How fun!!

Tracy said...

I love all the art-in the making here... and seeing your sweet face... and Maria's too (she looks like a mini Frida Kahlo with all her flowers and flowing skirts!)... a tea party...such fun! I feel like I've been to a great banquet visiting here today. :o) Happy Day, Natalie ((HUGS))