Sunday, November 13, 2011

Country Day

It's a home coming. A very brief camp out, under the oaks. We don't have to go far to get away. And being there never fails to make me feel like I am home.

I am making a point of ignoring the muddy-wet tent waiting to be cleaned and put away, and never mind that I left a messy house, so I could make a camping mess to bring home. Right. So. That is the last mention of all that.

Max's cold did not get any worse. In fact, I propose that the fresh air and restful day gave him the upper hand. It was a good choice not sleeping in the tent, which was like a nylon lake the next morning. Happily we slept all together, snug and blissful inside our Green Goose.

Acorns. If there was a single force motivating and inspiring this little getaway, it was acorns. Maria said she didn't know what an acorn was! I could have brought out a book, or turned to Google, but no. No, I wanted to bring her to the acorns, to put one in her hand. So, even with a sick child, a slow leaking tire, and about forty-two pressing demands that really needed our attention, I packed us up and away we went!

She knows about acorns now. I feel good.

She collected acorns, and acorn caps. She counted acorns... one hundred and six. She sorted them, and carried them. She plied some apart, inspecting their insides, contemplating their structure.

Holly and Ruth drove up for the day, to join our sojourn. Cousins, Nick and Izzy came, and two of Nick's buddies. We trekked down to the pond, across to the picnic grove, back to the dam, under the owl boxes, over to the ranger station. All over.

We followed the ducks and the coots. We looked for feathers and other natural collectibles for Izzy's science project. Mateo found an owl pellet. How cool is that?

Also cool... table leaping, and looking into oak hollows, and holding jarred specimens in the ranger's collection, and eating a good lunch after lots and lots of exploring.

Alex and Tutu-Ruth

Izzy and Maria

I think Izzy found good things for her nature collection.

Izzy, next time, let's remember to ask about holding the rosy boa. The ranger brings him out for children to pet.

He is a very pretty snake, with lovely brown and periwinkle colors.
He'd just finished eating his lunch too... a mouse.

Maria asked about the snake and the ranger asked her if she would like to hold him. Maria was very excited about this prospect.

She sat down and listened to the ranger's instructions. And then Maria held the rosy boa. "It was so smoooooth."

He was also curious.

So. Yeah. No matter the domestic perils, the brutal realities and obstacles... escaping the routine, even if for twenty-fours, is worthwhile. Holding a snake is a dream come true. Hopping table tops, and searching for owl feathers is fun. And seeing, touching and collecting acorns out in the country is good.


ArtyZen said...

Oh you did absolutely the right thing!! We love acorns, snakes and being in the country too. Glad you had such a good time.

warren said...

Oh that last picture is so cool! She is such a cool girl...not scared at all and full of laughs...awesome!

warren said...

Your acorns are so different from ours too. What sort of oak tree is that? Yours are sort of pretty.