Monday, November 21, 2011

Hit Delete

Wouldn't it be a comfort if you could hit delete when you needed a do-over, or when you find yourself overwhelmed?
Publicly humiliated? Delete.
Vulnerable and insecure? Delete.
Not shiny? Delete.

The risk of making public displays of anything, in social media, is that there are no virtual rocks big enough to crawl under.

It rained heavily yesterday and last night. I made weather proofing adjustments to the shark cage, that funny thing we call a chicken coop. Time to see if the chicas survived the storm and flooding. Wouldn't they look a sight in Wellies?

I think this is a good time to make other adjustments as well.

Duty calls.


Janece said...

Please please don't delete the blog - unless it is really what's best for you. It's a treasure! I was rereading 'Raising a Learner' and moved to tears and inspiration again!

And your last two posts about Guitars in the Classroom and your friend Jill - *love them*!!

If it expresses your beautiful soul, keep it up. If there's another better way to do it - I'm open. I just believe there is gold in these ChickenBlog hills!

test said...

So I am still waiting to see the pictures of the chicks in Wellies?!?!?

judy in ky said...

Why are you thinking of deleting? We haven't seen anything needing a do-over. We love your blog and we love Lady Betty. We need you!

nikkipolani said...

Yes. Yes. Yes, and Yes. And could we have command-Z, too, please? And here's a hug in case you need one.

judy in ky said...

Public humiliation? I don't get it. We are your public and we treasure you.