Wednesday, December 07, 2011

All I Want For Christmas

Marissa, and furry friend, Georgie

This week I had two very quick visits with my brothers and their families, and Mom and Dad. And I do mean quick! We were squeezing in our time together, between events and obligations, and stuff, and other stuff. Times when my brothers and I are with Mom are very few, very far between. (Not gonna cry. No. Nope. Not gonna.)

It's kinda cliche to call a little girl a "doll," but I think it every time I am with Marissa. She is adorable and petite and has these golden ringlets and a darling kewpie doll face. Of course she doesn't sit like a doll. The girl must have athletic parent genes... actually, she really does! She is a daring, moving, go! go! go! girl! She leads the pack.

Here at home, besides the frosty temperatures in the house, you would hardly know it's nearly Christmas. I have done very little to get that ball rolling. I brought early gifts for Dom and Marissa. It's purely selfish, because I hate missing seeing them enjoy their new toys.

The hotel where they stayed was decorated, the kids looked shiny and bright, family was gathered... it's all the Christmas I need.

Hans and Gretchen joined everyone for breakfast, and Maria and I met up too. It was lovely and casual, with time to catch up and share some laughs. In my ideal world, there is more time for lovely, casual meetings with laughter. I miss these times.

Bill, Natalie, Delia, and Hans

Oh. Dear. This makes no less than forty-two emotions and anecdotes come to heart and mind. (Not gonna cry. No. Nope. Not gonna.)

I can always count on Bill for some comic relief.
I need some comic relief.

Bill and I were enthralling Alison with nostalgic memories of our youth spent crisscrossing empty lots and open fields. From the hotel we could see all the new construction and developments that have popped up where we once played.

I wonder what they will remember about these days. What memories will they return to again and again, to laugh about and recall fondly? Cousins make the best friends. These three were at play within minutes of getting together.

Maria chose the kitty for Marissa, and the doggy for Dominic. Dom named his dog Snoopy.

Okay... how's this for a plan... Alex goes to school on the Central Coast, and we all move there? Good one, right? I know. Crazy. But I do think about it.

It would bring us eight hours closer to Grandma BooBoo, too!

I never regret taking pictures. This was a tiny whirlwind visit, before everyone had to head in four or five different directions. I have these to hold on to and enjoy. And though I am not ready for Christmas, have not decorated, or wrapped, or mailed, or baked... these pictures are a lovely reminder of what I want most for Christmas... time with loved ones, laughing, playing and making happy memories.


ArtyZen said...

Lovely family photos - you look so relaxed and happy, Natalie, you don't need to say more. And how grown up Maria looks next to her young cousins - we're so used to seeing her as the youngest!
Glad you enjoyed your special time together - looking forward to our visit to England just after Christmas!

judy in ky said...

These photos and your words warmed my heart. Ready for Christmas or not, this is what it's all about!

Oiyi said...

Awwww, it must have been nice to get together even if for a short time. The kids are darling. So cute. And Maria has gotten so big. Time really is fleeting.

Liz Harrell said...

Oh my goodness. That first picture is so adorable!