Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Debbie and "_______"

::Little Debbie-Big Lipstick::

It's kind of obvious, now that I take a thoughtful look at their pictures:
Little Debbie, and Little Debbie do have distinguishing marks! Happy Zombie, Monica, and California Jenn, noticed it's in the lipstick! The comb under their beaks... one is bigger, and the other smaller. I noticed the shape of their combs is different, too. One's turns to the right, and the other's turns to the left. Maybe "obvious" is overstated, but there are distinctions.

::Little Debbie-Little Lipstick::

The lipstick may grow, and then I would be back to not being able to tell them apart. And, seriously, the difference is not as easy to make out when they are in their usual run-around-and-panic mode.

So, do I have a chica named Little Debbie and a chica named Other Little Debbie? Or does Other Little Debbie get her own moniker?

Penny, you look thoughtful. Any ideas?


  1. I remember Linda at 7MSN painted her hens' toenails (claws? talons?) different colors until she was able to tell them apart by more general appearance or behavior.

    As for a about Dolly (Madison)? Do you remember those cakes? I mostly remember the ads on the Peanuts holiday specials.

  2. Little Debbie and Sara Lee?
    Anyway, are checkens like snowflakes, no two exactly the same?

  3. I was thinking Tastycakes. Little Debbie and Tastycakes. Both snack cakes. Nothing to do with lipsticks though.

  4. Over at our place we had Hector, Hector Junior, and Hector Junior Junior. I think we have the same problem as you...

  5. "Hector Junior Junior?!" That is hilarious.
    I kind of hate to let go of Little Debbie and Little Debbie, but these name suggestions are cracking us up. Geoff added "Ho-Ho" and I mentioned "Twinkie," which Maria loves. She's never had a Hostess anything, but she thinks Twinkie sounds sweet. I hope we hear more name suggestions. Alex and Max thinks we should make a list of all the offerings, then call each name aloud and see which Little Debbie comes to her new name. Sounds optimistic to me, but worth a try.

    1. If we'd done that, all of our chickens would've been named "chikchikchikchik!" (We only named two roosters, Stanley and Sam. Not that either one knew it.)

  6. It's hard to beat "HoHo or Twinkie".
    sticking with that theme - "little Debbie and Moon Pie"

  7. Little Debbie and Mrs. Fields? If it were a rooster it could be Otis Spunkmeyer!

  8. I like "Moon Pie" (the name, not the food).

  9. considering we have a girl named "other one" .. my heart votes for 'other little debbie'! :)


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