Friday, March 16, 2012

Most Votes Go To...

Big Box From China!

Of course, all other topics will have their day, too.
I can't help myself. But. First things first...


Let's see what came on the ship...

To look at Geoff's face, you would think it was Christmas morning...


It's... uh... oh geez... I forgot.
That is the honest truth. I can make a reasonable guess, but darn it... I wish I was 100% sure, because now I am really embarrassed. Listen, just because I love all this stuff... machines, tools, science, technology, engineering, robots, it does not mean I have it all figured out. I wish I were naturally geeky, intuitively in tune to the machine shop tools and devices that make my family gush and swoon.

Hold on. I was paying attention, really. This is a smaller version of the same machine,
a mill?!
that was used to make Rinzler and CLU, the Mini-Bots for FIRST 2102 Team Paradox, in LogoMotion. This may be a mill.

Alex explained to me, that unlike a 3-D printer, which builds objects by adding material, this device will build things by removing material. And I remember that it is not a lathe.

Yes, I am going with mill!
As soon as Geoff is home, I will confirm, and if I am wrong, then we can all share a laugh over my poor retention. If I am right I will be doing a fist pump and goofy dance of triumph.

And what does one do with a six hundred pound, second-hand mill?
I won't leave you hanging... it will be put to work to mill parts for a CNC machine.

What is a CNC machine, or specifically router? It's a computer controlled machine that will, in Geoff's words, "Uh... heh... make anything!"

Hold on. The Big Box From China brought a machine, that will make a machine, that will "make anything?!"


Okay. Who wants to know what we're going to do with the Big Box?!


  1. Chicken library, so the chicas can catch up on their reading.

    1. Will take this under consideration, but the cats may protest, because the chicas are already getting a barn in their honor. It's never easy, keeping all the critters happy!

  2. Whatever it is, I'm betting it will contain critters!

    Geoff has a lovely smile. And thanks for the info on your Bits Box!

  3. i know for a fact that you will use that box to house some critter. if i'm wrong i don't even want to know! i love love love your families robot building techno ways. it is so foreign to the way that i think and it makes me happy to know that you guys are out there figuring all that stuff out. i'm sending my child to spend the summer with you and siphon off some your right brain. OK?

  4. He looks so happy- this must be very special...and arriving from all the way across the pond too.
    Yes, are you going to do with that box?

  5. It sounds like you could take over the world with that machine...

  6. I can't wait to see what you are going to make. And where does one get a second hand mill in China? I.e. do you have a great source where they are just giving deals that can't be beat?

    Jealous in WV


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