Friday, April 20, 2012

Don't Panic, I'm A Midnight Mechanic

Maria and Midnight Stars :: 2010


Lady Betty Orpington at the keyboard, today. I just popped in to share with you my starstruck passion for FIRST 812 The Midnight Mechanics! They are from The Preuss School. From the very first FRC we attended in 2009, through FIRST Regional Competition 2010 in San Diego...

And again in Las Vegas, and 2011 in San Diego again... well you get the idea: I love cheering, competing, cooperating, and celebrating with those Midnight Mechanics.

FIRST 2102 + FIRST 812 = Midnight Paradox!

As you can see, it's not just a Golden Chica, like myself that loves to cheer for the Team San Diego robotics teams of FIRST! Team San Diego has many dedicated fans.

FIRST Regional Competition San Diego, 2012 :: Maria and Midnight Stars!

This regional, like most, saw some real standout teams, and individuals. Being on a FIRST team can be spirited and inspiring, and it's also about work, dedication, sacrifice, passion! It's not just six weeks of build, or a weekend at a competition. By the time they are seniors, many of these students have given many hundreds of hours to community service, outreach, mentoring, fundraising, networking, problem solving, and designing, manufacturing, and building a robot... which is why it takes a team, many hands and heads, working together.

Linda is on the Dean's List!
Seeing Linda accept this honor was a tremendous highlight of FRC San Diego.

This is one Chica who feels very excited about the future, because there are amazing and capable young people who are prepared to make a difference, today. One such person is Midnight Mechanic, Linda. She made the Dean's List!

"In an effort to recognize the leadership and devotion of some of FIRST’s most outstanding FRC students, the Kamen family has announced the creation of a new award for selected top students, FIRST superstars, to be known as the FIRST Dean’s List. The Kamen family expects that the students who earn FIRST Dean’s List Award status will not only be great examples of student leaders who have led their teams and communities to increased awareness for FIRST and its mission, they will continue on, post-award, as great leaders of FIRST’s ever growing student alumni..."

Now, here's where my *ahem* Foundation, The Lady Betty Orpington Foundation, comes in, helping to get the word out... Linda wants needs to go to Championship, in St Louis. She's earned it! But she's taking it one step further, to literally earn her way to St Louis: she's having a bake sale, so she can offset the costs of airfare, lodging, and food.

So, this Chica is crowing and clucking:
Get yourselves to La Jolla Cove, this Sunday, from 8 am until 1 pm, and make a generous donation, buy some cookies, congratulate a young woman who really is going places!

When you know FIRST celebrities, like Linda, there's no need to panic.

I hope to see you at Linda's Bake Sale, and remember to stay passionate, inspiring, spirited, and FIRST!


Lady Betty Oprington


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Linda!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you!
I love it when these Robotic-Brilliant Kids-Geeky posts inspire.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Plus I think the typing chicken is under-appreciated.