Monday, April 09, 2012

Meet The Kids

Last Wednesday, Natalie, the Chickenblogger, calling from the feed store: Geoff.
Help me, Geoff.

Geoff, barn carpenter and pillar of strength:
What? What's wrong?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger:
Baby goats. Here in the feed store. They are just the kind I've been telling you about. Squeee!!

Are they cute?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger:

Uh-huh. Well...

Natalie, the Chickenblogger:
Did you get the picture I sent?

The barn... it isn't finished...

Natalie, the Chickenblogger:
I know.
I'm just looking.
But did you see them?!?!

What's that...
is that the goats?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger:
Squeee!! No, that's me.
Joy is bursting out of my pores, and it makes a funny sound.
But I'm okay. Just buying chicken feed.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger:
No, really. I have full control of my impulses, and emotions.
I am master and commander, of my destiny, and wallet.
None shall trespass my sensible and rational fortress of wisdom!


Sorry, one of them nuzzled me.

Uh-huh... maybe you should step away.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger:
Yeah, yeah. I'm just going to the car, now...

Geoff, what if we are more capable than we think? What if we are meant to embrace our dreams, even the scary ones, the whimsical kind, and just go for it? That couldn't be a really bad thing, could it? Because, even though my plate is full, maybe even spilling over, I sometimes feel that denying myself experiences is too great a risk. However our choices may complicate our lives, I take great pleasure in seeing some of our dreams come true. Sometimes following impulses, and doing things that create complications, actually make the usual, and genuinely hard parts, of life more tolerable.*

I would never stop you.

*Does anyone, really, have cell phone reception this dependable? All of this heartfelt soliloquy played in my head, and was later summarized in person, when I said, apologetically, "Squeeee!! I cannot help myself!"

This is Ada Lovelace. She is a caramel and white female kid, a Nigerian Dwarf. Born February 25. She is dehorned and immunized. She is bottle fed.

She is smaller, and weighs less than, our cats.

This is Tasha... named for Tasha Tudor. She is brown and white. She is a quintuplet, born February 21. She takes a bottle, too.

The first time Maria walked away from Tasha and Ada, they bleated, and ran after her.
It was adorable.
They are adorable.

We all think so.

Well, maybe not all of us find the goats adorable. Some of us are slightly aghast.

But those of us who adore them, are very happy.

I want the picture of Geoff, carrying one under each arm... he grins, and asks visitors "Have you met my kids?"


judy in ky said...


ArtyZen said...


Natalie T. said...

you are living my goat dream! yay! i will be taking notes and saying things to my husband like, "the other natalie got baby goats so..." congrats. the kids are lovely. :)

warren said...

What Annie and Judy said!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Say it, Warren!
Say it!

Kara said...

HOLY CUTE!! Oh my snap, I am so jealous I can hardly stand it. And I am about to fall down from the cute. EEEK! BEEBEE GOATS!!! Can't wait for more updates! :)

Kim said...

Well...OK, weird irises aside, they are growing on me. I can see why you caved and brought these cuties home; they ARE quite adorable, especially being held by your human kids :)

zan said...

I. Love. Them. Squee infinity!

Janece said...

Love, love, LOVE! These are a gorgeous set of photos. Your handsome beautiful children with the adorable, squee-licious kids. Life is good! And I love your declaration regarding embracing our dreams! Inspiring!

Miriam said...

I'll join the chorus: Squeeeeeee! I am thrilled for you and your family, and thrilled for Ada and Tasha. And your words "What if we are more capable than we think?" are going to change my life. Squeeee!

CarrieMarie said...

oh ... oh my... i have never really wanted goats before, but ... but natalie!! those kids are SWEET! they look so cuddly! joining in the squeeeing. :D

tara said...

Giggle, you are too funny. So cute!

Robin said...

Now all you need is a couple of lambs - for the wool, of course.... ;-0

Anonymous said...

Squeeeeeee! Oh I am so in love.

Anonymous said...

I soooo want one!!! They are too cute for words so Squeeeee will have to do!
Congratuations on your new family members!

Jenn in California

Kate said...

Oh. my. gah.

judy in ky said...

Such gorgeous little creatures. I love them!

d.a. said...

I will be living my goat-raising desire vicariously through you. Now excuse me while I go and pass out from cuteness overload.

nikkipolani said...

YOU DID IT! When I saw your Easter greetings, I wondered... and here they are as adorable as can be. And so tiny!