Thursday, May 03, 2012

2102 :: 2102 FIRST Team Paradox

Welcome to Chickenblog, and the two thousand one hundred and second post: The 2102 post! You see, some numbers are forever linked to memorable occasions, or teams, events, places. I can never see 2102 without thinking of my favorite FIRST team, FIRST 2102 Team Paradox. And even though I have posted about them over 110 times, I feel the honor of the 2,102 post should go to the award winning, regional champions, high school robotics team from San Dieguito High School Academy, FIRST 2102 Team Paradox.

Somewhere, out there, in the wide world, someone is going to see this 2,102 post, and they will recognize the number delight of coincidence, or synchronicity, and they will smile, and raise their arms and shake their phantom pom-poms!

Somewhere, out there, in the wide world, someone will even read this post and they will be moved by the dedication and intelligence, of a bunch of high school students, from all corners of the planet, who care more about learning and meeting technological challenges than anything else, and that reader will feel better about our future.

Somewhere, out there, in the wide world, someone will look at all these Paradox, the yellow, red, and blue, and they will say,
cool. Because they are cool. Real cool. Like a song you gotta move to, makes you want to sing along... that cool. Yeah.

We go back in time. Way back... no, not to Kick-off! That was too far back. How about to the build season? Newer? You got it! Let's go back to March Madness and the San Diego FIRST Regional Competition!

Maria with Sam, first day, first hour... with about sixteen spirited, robo hours to go!

Lauren, Erika, and Gabe preparing to present to the judges of FIRST.

What started as a robotics club, in 2006, has become a big FIRST team, with a strong alumni network and inspired underclassmen. The support and respect, the love, makes FIRST 2102 Team Paradox truly special.

Elizabeth, Olivia, Erika, Lauren, and Andrea

It's our favorite mathmagician and FRC emcee, the master of ceremonies Mark Leon!

Behind every brilliant robo-kid is a crazy exhausted fanatical devoted and supportive parent!

Karen and Emma, Paradox heads to toes!


So much lunch. We have to feed everyone...

or they become fatigued and loopy, and they forget how to program, use duct tape, smile. It's very important to maintain your duct tape skills, so always feed your FIRST team.

See? Clearly, Paige and Izzie have enjoyed a healthful and tasty robo-lunch.

If you are FIRST 2102 team president, and you have enjoyed your healthful and tasty lunch, then you can have dessert, too. Right, Elise?

Suki, marketing president, smile restored. Karen, forever Paradox, always smiling.

Andrea, alumni, mentor, true friend, and Alex, this year's team shirt designer, and fearless Parade Specialist. Have you heard? Lavendar took first place for Most Unusual!

"Karen, check out my Sharpies!"

Karen, thrilled to know her influence is keeping the team organized and colorful.

Seniors, Suki and Elise. The future is secure, and bright.

Andrea, beaming with Team Spirit!

Lonnie, behind the lens.

Gonzo and Stacy, aglow with Paradox spirit!

Hello, Kiley! Kiley, what's everyone smiling about? What are the pom poms and face paints for? Why is everyone so pumped up?!

Answer: Rebound Rumble, and FIRST 2102's robot, Thomas. Dressed in blue, for the blue alliance. This robot is built to move, defend, shoot, and balance, and everyone in the stadium is cheering for these robots, because after six weeks of building and preparing, the teams are ready to Rumble.

Build president, Andy C. and physics teacher, George S... eyes on Thomas, because it is about the robot.

Mentors, Darrahl, Myron, Steve, and Maria, know it's about the robot. We love the robot. We love the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, the STEAM that brings the robot to the competition.

We love all the robots, all the teams, all the members of FIRST. Alex J. has his eyes on the robots, and his mind on STEAM.

Carol and Leo. FIRST families are spirited.

Yes, it is a competition.
Yes, we cheer for everyone, every match, every team.
Yes, we cheer, even when we are down.
Passion FIRST, that's what brings us to our feet, and keeps us moving forward.

It's the passion of FIRST 2102 Team Paradox that is inspiring new generations of scientists, technicians, engineers, artists, teachers, mentors, designers, programmers, thinkers, tinkerers, makers, robo fans.

FIRST 2102, blue alliance, balancing on the Coopertition Bridge, with the red alliance.

And the crowd goes wild!

Second day, second lunch. The crew gets ready to feed the team, again. Sherril, Karen, and Maria have sandwich detail.

Is this everyone? Almost. FIRST 2102 Team Paradox is a big team. You've got to look at it from many angles, perspectives...

the variety, and the passion make Paradox awesome.

Great teachers, great families. This team is blessed.

It's semi-finals of the competition, the alliances are chosen, and spirit and cheering is building! FIRST 2102 Team Paradox is a force of Spirit and Inspiration, attracting fellow robo enthusiasts, The Holy Cows, The SuperNerds, FIRST 2984 The Vikings, and our feathered friends, FIRST 1266 The Devil Duckies!

Is that a wide angle lens, George?

Maria and the always spirited Wilson-Paradox

Bella, Olivia, Suki, Elise

Maria, Olivia, Suki, Elise... they are the roller coaster drivers. Imagine everyone in the stands throwing their arms in the air, riding in unison, the wild mouse! It's a thrill ride.

Machinist, drive team, pit crew... Tots Paradox.

Have you guessed? Young people, who love Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, love to bring it to the dance floor and party.

A FIRST dance party!

Jump around you robo fans, you FIRST celebrities!

These are the news makers who have earned the right to dance in the spotlight.

George knows, and he wants everyone to keep their focus on the bright and capable students of FIRST.

FIRST 2102 Team Paradox was ranked 14th overall, but was not selected for a finals alliance. We did not stop cheering though. And in the quarter finals, when a robot dropped out, Thomas stepped in and played. And we kept on cheering! FIRST 2102 Team Paradox earned the Chrysler Team Spirit Award.

And the cool bus kept rolling!
In Madera, California, at the Central Valley Regional, chosen by FIRST 1717 D'Penguineers and one more California Coastal team, FIRST Team 330 The Beach Bots, FIRST 2102 Team Paradox played all the way through the finals, winning their first FIRST Regional Competition! And wouldn't you know, they cheered their way to a Team Spirit Award, too! So... guess who went to Championships, in St Louis? Yes, and we cheered all the way!


Janece said...

Brilliant - all the way around!!

judy in ky said...

Very cool! I love the enthusiasm, imagination, and dedication.

test said...

Looking @ the pictures, it's easy to feel the excitement.

warren said...

It just occurred to me that a guy I work with went on this trip too! How funny (well, at least the story in my head is funny)