Thursday, July 26, 2012

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

If this meal could speak, it would have a sweet, seductive voice. It would be enticing, wise, and nurturing. The roasted tomatoes, the small, creamy garlic cloves, the smattering of cream cheese on a toasted and seeded bagel... oh my.

Yes, this meal could speak volumes, but I am stammering, struggling to find the right combination of words to describe my conversion, my naive venture into the magnificent world of the roasted tomato. People, I tell you, I had no idea. It's so simple. They're only tomatoes, after all! But good gracious, with the smallest effort, they became so much more!

Alex ate even more than I did. We pulled them off the sheet, like hot cookies. They are a savory dessert. Geoff came home, late, and the few that were left were his dinner. Suddenly, we no longer have a lot of tomatoes. Suddenly, I want to build another garden bed, just for tomatoes, a hot house for February fruit... we are this smitten.

Everyone, I've read some sad comments about drought, heat, withering gardens... I'm sorry. Last year our garden was a silly thing, and we had no more than five tomatoes, as late as August. Gardening, it's not for the weak, or faithless, is it? I send sincere wishes to all, for relief from heat, for gentle rain, and for at least one cookie sheet loaded with heirloom, garden tomatoes, seasoned as you like, and roasted to sweet, seductive goodness.


Unknown said...

Thanks, now I'm hungry (again).

I'm happy for you and your delicious bounty of tomatoes this year. :D

judy in ky said...

I remember all the years you wished for your own place that you could make your own. I'm so happy to see all the wonderful things you and your family are creating there. I've been busy roasting all kinds of veggies here, and they disappear off the baking sheet just as your tomatoes do. I think I will go to the farmers market and get some tomatoes, and try roasting them. You have inspired me to try it.

Jenny said...

Homegrown tomatoes are one of life's best flavors. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. It's been a mediocre garden year for me and I have yet to pull a red tomato from any of my plants - but alas, it is only July, so there is still hope!