Friday, October 05, 2012

Fall Color ~ A Tour

In Southern California enjoying the traditional aspects of the season we call fall is a state of mind. Our reality... it's a hot, dry time of year. We call this fire season and the only thing blowing leaves down, tends to be intense winds known as Santa Anas. They parch the air, whistle through door frames, and put people on edge. Cooler days are coming. Soon? I hope. It cannot be soon enough for me. It is simply not really, truly fall, here.

And from books, movies, fellow bloggers... I know this is supposed to be sweater weather, knitting time. I read words like crisp, brisk, frost, harvest, insulating, firewood, yarn, baking, chowder, socks, and I feel a disconnect, and a longing. I see images of fluffyness, cuddling, snuggling, damp fallen leaves, fireside gatherings, deep pillows, baked temptations, layers of comfort and homemade love, and I want to step right in, join the movement.

I will make hot cider the first day we dip below seventy degrees.

I am ready to add a quilt to our bed.

Everyone wants to sleep in the barn during the first rainfall!

I need only the slightest push to convince me to buy Maria new boots.

Max and I cannot wait to have tea and a roaring fire, while someone reads aloud... another reading of The Hobbit, before the big event!

Do you love fall, the traditions of the season, the anticipation of the happy and home-themed string of holidays? Are you decorating, insulating, winding down, perking up? Do you feel a snuggly hibernation coming on? I live vicariously through all the beautiful accounts of fall I find while visiting blogs. So, if you cannot get enough, if you want to see some seasonal loveliness, I have some links to share with you.

Make some tea, pull up your socks, turn on a fan if you have to achieve a brisk sensation... let's tour the fall color!

I'm not sure whether it's fair to start with this particular Tumblr page. It gathers such a tremendous visual treasure, that you may not ever leave. If you like a step back in time, something careworn, anything rustic, the gentleness of homemade, the marvel of natural wonders, then do enjoy The Murmuring Cottage. And thank you, Lady Cordelia, for sharing the link.

The Murmuring Cottage collects and gathers gorgeous images from all over the Internet. It is a feast for the eyes. Alicia Paulson gathers gorgeous images from all over her home and neighborhood, and together with her recipes and reflections, Posie Gets Cozy is an autumnal feast for the eyes and soul. She stays Busy, and she keeps things Bright. And even for just a peek of dear Clover Meadow's ears, I never miss a post.

So, what do you think of these fall colors I found? Not exactly the golds and reds, the toasted hues we come to expect. But a riot, just the same! I found another riot of beautiful fall colors over at Turkey Feathers, where there is never a shortage of inspiration and clever ideas.

Maya*Made just posted a classic scene. I cannot wait to go to the one park I know of, where we will find a grove of trees in full color. Let's see... as I recall, last year, that day came sometime in November!

Serena, the always busy Farm Chick found fall in her yard, she's gathered it up, filled her wagon, and now her home is dressed for the season. Pop over! She's ready for visitors.

I love to pop over to visit the ladies and boy goats at The HenCam, and today there's a popover recipe! The first cold day... I am going to give this new-to-me recipe a try. Be sure and peek in at any of the four webcams she has on the farm. It's fun seeing who's busy in the barnyard.

Trick or Treat? The Owl Barn has some vintage Halloween images that could make a good crafting treat.

How about a glance at October from Audrey~Finch? Jenny has some lovely fall images, and an October poem posted on her blog.

Good for your Soule? How about gardening! Amanda Soule, and her family, are harvesting and reflecting on the bounty and shortcomings of an October garden. Anyone who gardens knows it's not always easy to "calculate" the cost benefits, but we also know the pleasures and worth in gardening cannot be reflected only in terms of numbers. Amanda, the SouleMama, is a homesteading inspiration, and I love seeing what a classic autumn looks like from her lovely farm.

Something extra! Just had a peek at Posie Gets Cozy. There is a brand new, lovely, funny, sweet Octobery post... just in time for this Octobery post. And best of all... dear Clover Meadow is peeking in, too! What a cutie, that puppers is.

There is more out there... so much loveliness. Have you seen some fall you would like to share? Please, leave a link. Take us on a fall color tour.


Terry said...

I'm glad you could enjoy fall here at the HenCam. The goats' pen is under a sugar maple, and they've been chasing the falling leaves and eating them up.
Terry at HenCam

Ngo Family Farm said...

I loved your comment on Soulemama's post! We temporarily skipped fall here and the past two days are just like winter - very cold and a little freezing rain/snow mixed in!

Lady Cordelia said...

What a great post, great links too. I love Posy and SOulemama and, of course, Murmuring Cottage.

Oh, I need to read the Hobbit someday, don't I....

Jenny said...

What a nice little roundup of fall goodies. And thank you for mentioning Audrey Finch in the mix! How sweet you are!

I'm drinking up every bit of Autumn here and I sure wish you could come this way and enjoy the chilly nights/firey red leaves/bright blue skies. Or I wish I could send some your way. I love that you all plan to sleep in the barn on the first rainfall and that you read aloud to your teenagers.

Hope you're having a good weekend in Chickenblog land.


Kim said...

Oh I know just what you mean about not really being in the thick of things when it comes to Fall! I live vicariously through the east coast bloggers too. There is a very good chance that we will SWEAT on Christmas morning :)
But yes I do look forward to the family centered holidays...Indigo and Hazel both have Fall birthdays, then Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years! And this year in particular will be a special holiday season with baby coming.
And speaking of baby...those muffins look goooooooood. I will take 3 please.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I have some fond memories of Thanksgiving, and Christmas, spent in Hawaii... the frost was _not_ on the papaya! But in all other respects it was wonderful. Hey, those East Coast folks will be looking our way, when in January we're beach combing, and eating sun-ripened tomatoes, right?!
Gotta get baby some muffins!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

The days are good here. It's been a full-of-fun weekend with my cousin visiting. She and I are both relieved for the break from the heat... maybe your sweet wishes actually did blow this way!
Thank you, Jenny.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

The Hobbit is a good one. I've been lucky... I read it in my teens, but since then my boys have shared reading it aloud several times. I think the Shire is as vivid and appealing, in my mind, as some of those gorgeous Murmuring Cottage photographs.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Oh, thank you, and thank you for stopping here at Chickenblog.
Brrrrrrr... straight to winter, you say? I know we wish for snow, but I should admit, we would be in a fix if we really did start getting freezing rain mixed with snow!! Stay safe and snug, Jaime!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Love it! When our goats find crisp, deciduous leaves they nibble them like potato chips!
There is a lot to enjoy at the HenCam... I highly recommend your cheery, and helpful, blog.

Sylvia said...

Yes, fall is wonderful, no mater where you are! Lovely post, and thanks for all the links. I'm a longtime reader of Posy, and I'm looking forward to checking out some of your other suggestions.

judy in ky said...

I would be very happy to spend the holidays in Hawaii. I've lived in four seasons all my life. I'm ready for Hawaii all the time!

Oiyi said...

I love Fall! This is the time of year that I knit like crazy. The cold weather always inspires me.