Monday, October 22, 2012

Sweet Bits From Our Sunday

Let's begin with Tasha's hair do... the center parted little mustache-mop-on-top.
Silly, dear, funny goats. I adore Tasha's mustache-mop-on-top hair do, and her quizzical, yet blank, stare.

Now, I am not sure their stares are so blank. I think Ada may be trying her hypnotic-crazy eyes on me. Maybe she is delving into my mind, seeking the answers that will unlock their pen, so they can take their hikes, freely, with mad, effusive, goat abandon!

Oh dear.

Must look away!

They're organized!

Betty's looking into my soul, willing me to come back out with cracked corn and oats, to let them into the house, give them the good seats on the sofa, surrender the remote.

Not today, Betty. Not today. You ladies go on with your dust baths, and laying.

And thank you, by the way, for not hiding these three eggs. I did find two more eggs, deep in the recesses of a very shrubby Rosemary plant. Where else should I be looking, you sneaky chicas?

At least with these, I can finally give Alica Paulson's brownie recipe a try. All that remains to be seen is whether our oven will work, this time.

I've been saving this bitter chocolate bar for this recipe, for the crowd pleasing, fudgy brownies. Alicia's post was up for days and days, and all I wanted was cool weather, fresh eggs, and a working oven... her chocolate craving was contagious, and working on our appetites for ten days.

And then, she posted something new... something small, and perfect, and brand-baby new. Amelia is home. There are intimate, personal stories in blogs, and sometimes these stories rise from the screen and go to our hearts, and we feel the joy and gratitude, and teary awe of a real story, with a real happy... ending?... no middle. They are in the middle of a happy story. It's an honor, and a blessing, to glimpse, and connect with, their story.

So, I decided these brownies were being prepared in honor of Amelia, and Alicia and Paul, Clover too. Happy Birthday brownies. Family Brownies, indeed.

Our oven. So. Apparently, it conks out during power surges, and after rainfall. Yeah. Not special. But I was talking to friends, and they even guessed the exact manufacturer of our Unspecialthermador and Michael C. said, when his conks out, he turns it on, then it goes out, so he turns it on again, and again, and again, and eventually it ignites and stays lit!! Yes! A solution. And it worked.

If you take the bitter with the sweet, you can make brownies.

It's a metaphor.

Worth the wait.

I was thinking of titling this post "Effusive, Eclectic, and Chocolate. I was thinking of disciplining myself to break it into several posts, rather than this hodge-podge of seemingly unrelated subjects. I was thinking of being apologetic for my haphazard randomness and other musings. But I changed my mind.

I hope you enjoyed an effusive and eclectic, unapologetic, sweet weekend, too.

Alicia, thank you!
The children have moved these brownies to the top of their list of favorites! We thought they were rich and yummy, very special. Then I brought the children over to the computer, so we could gaze with effusive joy at Amelia. We are so happy for you and Paul. Congratulations.


Laura Jane said...

wasn't Alicia's news just the most heartachingly gorgeous thing you've heard this month?

So SO happy for them both.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Oh, yes. Most definitely.
"Heartachingly gorgeous..." what a fit description.
I like to think that their news spreading around the world,
will increase everyone's good will, happiness, faith, wonder,
and kindness. Good news... what we all need!

Katy said...

Looks like you get to a bit of an Easter egg hunt all year long. How fun! The brownies look delicious!

Kim said...

Yummmmmmmm. Brownies. Not as if I ever need more than a little push to bake brownies! Am off to check out Amelia now.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

There is a brand new post at Posy Gets Cozy!
Her blog is my favorite, and with Amelia there, now... oh, goodness... it is more beautiful than ever!

Those brownies were ono... super yummy. Some notes: we only had salted butter, and I used the half teaspoon of salt, not the quarter teaspoon... not horrible, but next time I will use unsalted butter. Alicia says she skipped the vanilla... we did too, but we added a teaspoon of peppermint extract. Hey, it felt right! And tasted yummy. We are inspired by the spicy Chuao chocolates to try spicy brownies... brownies + research = happy scientists!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I dunno if an egg hunt will hold any interest at all for Maria, next Easter! Those silly hens!

Jenny said...

I was so happy to read Alicia's news too. What a long-awaited joy for them.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It really is sweet joy.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

For the record: the oven is dead, again. None of my tricks or methods is working, this time.
A bonus of buying a home after the market crashed: we got something extra special. A twist in the bonus: "professional ovens" only _look_ good. We could never afford to replace it, and the huge gap it would leave if we bought a normal-functional oven would be freakin'ugly. Yes, first world problems. And frankly, I would be happy to skip this one.