Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sad Goat

Our poor Tasha Tudor Goat has gotten herself into another fix. As near as we can tell, she made a leap over her pen, but must have got hung up. Her right hind leg is lame. She will not put any of her weight on it. She holds it curled tightly, up beneath her side. She eats. She drinks. She even moves about, either by hobbling along, or actually rolling over... particularly when she spies a nice crop of tempting grass. Just how does a goat manage to be hilarious, even when she is clearly in a great deal of pain?

She makes sad, dog-like whines and little plaintive grunts. Sounds we have never heard from either goat, before. They really strike a chord of sympathy, especially when she drops her head into my lap and lets out a long, sorrowful sigh.

I have felt both of her legs, comparing them, and I can detect no obvious breakage. There is no blood, or abrasions, the ligaments that are most distinct, at the place I think of as her ankles, feel to be intact. Awkward sentence? Sorry. I think life is filling my plate overly much, this week.

Ada does not make as many escape attempts as Tasha. Neither does she get herself into any of the other situations Tasha stumbles upon. Ada is the vocal one. Tasha is the explorer.

While Tasha laments, while Ada frets, Betty indulges in the favorite treat of all the chicas... goat chow.

To make matters worse, our own dear vet feels ill equipped to help us with Tasha's predicament. He's more of a pups and kitties vet, so he has been referring me to other vets. Well, those other vets won't see a goat either.

I took it upon myself to do some research, and the most immediate thing I could do was to administer a dose of pain relief... two ibuprofen. Ever think about giving a goat pills? I thought it might be a challenge. I was wrong. There was no need to force it down, or tap her nose, hold her mouth shut. She took each tablet, and nonchalantly munched away at it like a peppermint. Good Goat.

She's finally stopped dragging herself from corner to corner, and she's settled on the chicken coop, near our broody little Zelda. Maybe this is where we'll have to tuck her in for the night. Oh, my. I don't think the chicas will take this as well, as Tasha took her medicine!

And then, what about Ada Dear? She may fret herself into a state. Poor darling.

So. Tomorrow. I hope something clever and good presents itself. Because. I have officially thrown my hand to my forehead, sighed deeply, and surrendered my worries to God. I will not give up, nor surrender, but I can see when I need help.


Alison said...

Natalie--it has been a rough day all around, I see. I know nothing about goats. But an animal in pain is so, so distressing. I hope the ibuprofen help...and I cannot believe--well, I can, but I am very disappointed to learn how hard it is to find a vet who treats goats. Can you contact the folks who sold them to you, and find out who vets their goats? Perhaps they self-vet, as it were.

(Perhaps you can tell from my babbling, I miss reading your voice. My computer at work freezes up on your blog for some reason, and I seldom read them at home. Pah.)

nikkipolani said...

Does 'popoki' work for goats too? Hoping Tasha feels better soon. Maybe she sprained something and the ibuprofen will help relieve the pain enough so she can relax.

Kim said...

Oh poor Tasha! I wish her a speedy recovery (and I hope your plate is getting cleared off too)

Anonymous said...

She looks so sad it breaks my heart. I did find a web page - sent it to you.
Please get her the help she needs (know you will) and lots of tlc snuggles. Maria need cuddle patrol duties?

Jenn (California)

Anna Banana said...

Goats may know how to heal themselves. Keep the ibuprofen coming. I put Toby's meds in cream cheese. He gets debilitating neck pain now and then. Rest and aspirin do their magic and he is fine again. Tasha's ailment sounds more serious, hope you find a vet. In the meantime, you might try again with Dr. G and see if he could prescribe a steroid, maybe even a shot then taper with pills.

Jenny said...

Poor Tasha. And poor you. Life can really dole it out sometimes.
Then there's Ada...biting nervously on the fencing with her worried face.

When I am overwhelmed I repeatedly say "Everything's gonna be alright" (sometimes I hum it Bob Marley style). It kinda helps.

Adaliza said...

Hi Tasha - is there any heat that you can feel? Maybe the lameness is coming from right up on her back/hip? Lots of massage is what I do with the dogs - I can often tell just where it hurts as I touch the spot and they wince! Poor little goat - hope she gets better soon. I love catching up with your animal stories, and hope for good goaty news soon!

Lady Cordelia said...

Oh My! Perhaps she messed up a knee ligament?
I hope you can find a vet who will see her...