Thursday, December 20, 2012

Feliz Enchiladas

We are celebrating another trip around the sun, with a Happy Mayan Winter Solstice potluck and fire. Today we prepared our contribution to the feast... enchiladas.

With Alex and William to help me, the work went surprisingly fast... in fact things went so smoothly, we made a record number of enchiladas. Ours are cheese, green onion, and a bit of black olives, with either corn, or flour tortillas.

Alex kept our supplies replenished. William was tucking and rolling. Besides the fun we will have when our friends come to share the fire and food, my holiday joy comes from doing things with the children.

Ay, Mama! Our blessings are boundless, just like our eight trays of happy enchiladas!


judy in ky said...

Yum! Happy Solstice!

Janece said...

Eight trays?? Wow - you three are amazing!

I'm looking forward to Happy Mayan Winter Solsticing with everyone! :)

Jenny said...

Now I'm craving enchiladas. Happy Solstice partying.