Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Thursday's forecast: Not a smidge of snow.
Low: 50 degrees Fahrenheit
High: Fifty-something
And a 60% chance of rain.

Hey! We'll take the rain. That's what we call "weather" around here!

We wish it would snow. We wish our windows would frost, and school would close. We wish we could sled down our driveway, and drink hot cocoa around a campfire. We wish we could cuddle and huddle, while wind blows at the doors. Snowmen, angels, lacy flakes on our woolen mittens... okay, we don't have woolen mittens, or sleds, and the only dusting on our lawn is from sidewalk chalk... but the dream lives. The irrational frivolous, marvelous, wintery dream lives!


judy in ky said...

We haven't seen snow yet, but when we do I will gladly send it your way!

Miriam said...

I completely understand this, with the small proviso that I not be expected anywhere - no tutoring, no appointments, no worry about making it up the hill in the snow in my little car. Then it can just be the magic of tall cedar and fir trees with snow-laden branches, birds flitting through and causing mini avalanches. Snow deeper than the top of my boots, so my socks come out crusted in packed snow. And yes, hot chocolate! Lots and lots of hot chocolate.

None of that here, right now. Just chilly damp rain. Sigh.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I know just what you mean...yes, we'll definitely take the rain! But snow would be amazing. I remember it DID snow one day when I was still in high school, and that was in Carlsbad, right on the coast, is possible...keep on hoping!

Jennifer said...

And really, sometimes that's the very best way -- to dream of experiencing something for all the wonderful reasons, and not to become jaded by it from over-exposure.... We do love all the seasons, but when it's too strong or too long, winter has a way of losing its charm for us but I'm sure we'd miss it if we didn't have it.