Monday, December 24, 2012

One Last Wish...

Dear Santa,
It is certain, you are on your way, visiting millions of homes, flying across starry skies, filling stockings one by one. It may be pointless, making this last minute wish, but just in case, just for fun... we have just one! One big, unexpected Christmas wish.

Trust me, we've been good. We've brushed and flossed, and done our duties. We've laughed, explored, engaged. We've learned new things, and explored new ideas. We've pouted, very little, and complained, even less.

So, Santa dear, what we're wondering is this... do you think that maybe, quite possibly, you could add something to our Christmas list?

Only one. Not oodles and oodles, or maybe just two... what we're thinking of is, Poodles!

These two, a brother and sister, were the fluffiest, sweetest and endearingly unfussy pups. Geoff and Maria were smitten. It was a gift just to see them enjoying the company of these, soft as lambs, poodles. Their owner was patient and kind, letting us have a nice long visit. I asked Geoff if he 'talked to her about where her poodles are from, if she could suggest a place to get pups like hers.' He said, "She's says they're Standard Poodles. 'Standard,' that means we can get them anywhere!" He is an optimist! And he really has been very good... wouldn't I love to make all his wishes come true.


  1. I would love to see them with the goats!

  2. NATALIE! These two are adorable! Standard Poodles are so great! And their legs are made of springs... just like your vegetarian dogs. ;)

  3. How can Santa fail to grant your wish??? Merry Christmas to you all.

  4. Standard poodles are the SWEETEST dogs. I think Santa could squeeze them into the sleigh - he _is_ magic after all.

    Merry Christmas Natalie!

  5. May your wish come true!

    I recognize Balboa Park . . . a great place to spend some hours.

  6. Such beautiful smiles. My grandmother had a standard poodle who kept her company in her last years. He was her constant and loyal companion.


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