Wednesday, January 02, 2013

This Is A New Year!

This is last year.

The whole New Year media dynamic has me feeling simultaneously overwhelmed with a sense of great portent, idealistic optimism, and dutiful determination... and underwhelmed.

Part of me wants to declare a mission statement for my eventual (within 3-6 months) climb to a new level of blogging glory, success, recognition, and fiscal freedom.

Part of me wants to call CB a good run, and then start a new blog where I edit contributions from readers (200 words or less, a romanitcal-type entry that is judged by readers for its ability to engage and stimulate.) Could you ever imagine (and why would you want to, honestly?) politicians writing *ahem* "Dirty?"
A warning: their writing is provocative, but only for how awkwardly bad it is.

In some ways I do feel the page turn, the new leaf, and I am motivated to embrace the fresh start that arrived, bright and early, January 1, 2013. It's a bit liberating to believe that last year is literally behind us, and good or bad, we are through with it, and what lies before us is clean, pure, unsullied, and glistening with virginal brand-new possibilities. (ugh... I hope reading the "Dirty" prose doesn't come up in my own writing like that again!)

Anyways. I did make some resolutions for the new year. Whatever failures or shortcomings 2012 held, certainly this year I can clean my office, purge our stores of multiple label makers, pare down our laundry loads, and vanquish the paper piles! Yes, cliche though it is, I have resolved to do better! Be better, have less, consume less, carry, store, horde, pack, save, worry, and fret less. Maybe this is partly to blame for me feeling overwhelmed... achieving less feels like a great deal more... to do, to accomplish, to adhere to.

The part of me that is underwhelmed, by New Year-hype, feels like 2012, even with its ups and downs, was too good to write-off. I do want to be better, and do better, but not because last year was such a disappointment. Rather, 2012 was an inspiration. Last year was so full of successes, and little victories, good strides, new perspectives, rich experiences, and love, that this year I feel bolstered, motivated, and willing to trust my hope and faith, to continue in the same invigorated, grateful journey that we've been enjoying... uhm...

Too much? Yeah, it's not easy to write honestly, with giddy vim, about happy lives and unbridled joy, without sounding like a politician trying to expound on _flailing bosoms and heaving loins_... however sincere the intent, stating it can be too much, almost _dirty_

It's okay to say less.

Originally, I meant to skip posting anything at all. I was going to wait for these contrary thoughts, and muddled musings to subside, and for the new year to feel like another day, any other day. Also, all of our whale watching photos are on a new drive and inaccessible, for the moment, so instead of nautical, seafaring, sunset pictures for inspiration, I was left alone with my compulsive-must-write-something blogging thoughts... which is not always comprehensible, or necessary, or necessarily worthwhile.

Should I stop?

Maybe I should stop.


Hey! Happy New Year! This year is going to be great! Rainbows for all!


judy in ky said...

It sounds like you have big plans for the new year, Natalie. Just please don't turn into another Pioneer Woman. We like you the way you are.

Jenny said...

May it be a "double rainbow all the way" for you and CB this year.

Jennifer said...

Always worthwhile, Natalie -- always worthwhile.
Hurray for everything that was, and everything that will be!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I wish I did have plans, even big ones!
But I am happy to leave _the Pioneer_ to someone else!
Thank you, Judy.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

For us all!
Double rainbows galore.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you, Jennifer.
Ah... I love recalling those very good moments
we shared in 2012. Here's hoping for more to come.