Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Book Nook

Reading is a cozy pleasure. Books were one of the first things we wanted to move into the barn. Books, and a comfortable place to stretch out, or curl up, and read. When I come into the barn I feel such a tremendous sense of delight, and I am happily aware of the luxury of this space, and my intentions... to read.

Last summer, when the barn was new, and the open doors invited a cool breeze and glimpse of blue sky, Maria and I travelled through all sorts of new places, where we met new people, ideas, and inspiration. We read Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web, Corgiville Fair, Pumpkin Moonshine, Winnie the Pooh, The Private Life of Tasha Tudor, Little House in The Big Woods, Little Rascal... and others. The brothers read in there, too. Aloud, and to themselves. Every book a new adventure, all from our cozy nook, in the barn.

Now it is winter. Gone are the sheer, white linens that blew in the windows, at the open doors. We've brought out quilts and more pillows. We pull up our socks, and crawl under the comforter. We listen to the rain, and go away with Dr Doolittle, and The Borrowers. It's such a blissful luxury, these sweet hours in our book nook.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
Last night, Maria read aloud for us, the first chapter of "Doctor Dolittle."
Even though she is far ahead, she was happy to help us catch up, and we are so glad she did.
We learned some funny words. So, thank you. Thank you for the new books, for the new characters
and adventures.

We love you, and our books.


  1. A lovey visual for a bad day...

    When I was Maria's age my mom was the avid reader, she would ly on her side on the couch and I would sit in the curl of her legs and read my books using her as my book stand. I loved all of the little women, little house and Judy blumes I could devour. Her reading taught me the love of reading too. Moms have a lot of influence even when they don't realize it. Glad Maria has you.

    Bad day, we lost my chocolate Siamese today, furry love of my life, so your writing and visuals gave needed comfort. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for sharing your happy book memories, Jenn.

      And please accept my apologies and sympathy for the loss of your fur baby.
      It is such sad news.

  2. Sorry forgot to add who wrote the comment just sent...

    Jenn in California.

  3. Do you know Finn Family Moomintroll? They'd love your barn, I'm sure. Axxx

  4. I can just feel from here how cozy it is in your little barn. A perfect place to relax and read, I'm sure.

    1. It's such a treat. Where do you like to read?
      I was just remembering a tree I used to squeeze into!
      I love reading up there.

  5. AH! I am so into creating a wonderful library for my girls who are growing out of the "little books." We have been reading Secret Garden. I saw Dr. Doolittle just the other day....but I think there are several books and it was not the first one. So many great ones on our list to read. I LOVE BOOKS! Your girl is so sweet.

  6. Your barn is such a magical place. I love it, I love how you use it year-round, for all sorts of fun family activity. Your kids will always treasure their barn memories.

  7. I love how much more loved the barn looks, each time we get a peek inside!


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