Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This Is iPhone Album IV

Well. This is long overdue. It's been quite some time since I unload a batch of iPhone magic on Chickenblog. The images may be poorly lit, grainy, and at times even pointless, but the moments are dear, and they bring back memories that are sharp and clear. I love my darling and convenient pocket-camera, and these flashbacks.

Nothing scary about this... Calamity Kim sent Maria a handmade greeting for Halloween. Maria really lit about this surprise mailbox-gift. We were just about to welcome our Halloween guests, when Kim's spooky-cute card arrived.

Our poor Tasha. Don't worry, she is 100 percent today. All better. Jumping-running-frolicking. She is as spry and perky as ever. But last November we found her in the garden, on the wrong side of her pen, and it was obvious that this escape had cost her. She severely strained her hind leg. Besides being worried about her, we were touched by her snuggle me-I need love posture. Goats are such dears.

Max and cats. I am as happy thinking of him with his kitties, as he is caring for them. Well, this was a bit of a goof and a spoof, but he is definitely a cat whisperer. I was happy to have my iPhone handy when on the way into school, Max had his hands full.

This moment recalls so many sentimental, thankful, and lovely memories. Some poignant ones, too. Let's see... it was the Friday after Maria's eighth birthday, my mom was in town and helping me recover from a bumpy month, and we were having a wild night on the town, eating out with our guys, and John, and James, too. I'm glad my mom picked up my iPhone and took this shot. It captures the thankful, abiding love I feel for Geoff, and my family... and sentiments I tried to describe here... In the midst of challenges, setbacks, not mine alone, I find that the littlest kindnesses, the lights that glow, the hand that reaches out to hold my own, the strength of spirit in some that share, again, and again... I do not know how, but even the smallest signs of beauty are somehow sustaining everything. It may feel tenuous, it is sometimes painful, but here we are, moving forward.

December 9, 2012

Two things: One, Anna Banana's birthday. Some dates just stand out, and mean more because of who they remind me of. Two, we were invited to do art at Anthropologie, with our friend, Yanina.

Those days before the holidays can be so overwhelming, especially if you dare to leave the house. People get a bit manic, yeah? But this visit to the mall, bustling and hustling with shoppers, was so worthwhile. Yanina had two long tables set up with prints and paints, and encouragement for all the eager artists. I sat back in a comfy Anthro sofa, took in the sights and inspiration, while Maria enjoyed the pleasure of painting. There were even snacks for the children, and with holiday music playing and all the pretty sights and scents in the shop, I was enjoying a surprisingly relaxing bit of holiday wonder.

Yanina and Maria

I am so thankful to be living in a community of friends and beauty, where we find fun things to do and see, where we can partake in opportunities small and great.

December 14, 2012

Now this! This is a milestone. Alex, taking his driving test. I would really embarrass myself if I wrote about at the last minute teaching him the wrong hand turn signals, so let's not mention it. He passed! (In spite of me.) He's been driving, safely, ever since.

December 16, 2012

Geoff and I went out. On a date. To a concert. On a school night. Let's face it, he and I are getting wild, and crazy. We even had dinner before, and stood in the rain to get good seats!

December 19, 2012

Thank you iPhone. Now we have a visual record of how hard the wind was blowing the night before! In fact, now I recall that we were worried those Santa Ana Winds would interfere with our plans for The End of the World. We'd invited everyone to our house for a Happy Mayan Winter Solstice potluck, and bonfire. Fortunately, the winds calmed, and the end of the world was really just the beginning of another trip around the sun with friends and family.

Ada Lovelace Goat and Tasha Tudor Goat celebrating Winter Solstice with evergreens.

Some moments from our family picnic, at Leo Carillo Ranch, with Ruth, Holly, and Izzy. Yes, January in Southern California really can be this lovely! Since it was a weekday, Geoff, Rich and Nick missed out, but I had the nice surprise of enjoying an extra birthday celebration. Ruth even made her amazing lemon bars.
And cousins Maria and Izzy made bows. No arrows, just active imaginations.

Those nachos had a lot of jalapenyos (I cannot find the tilde on this computadora.) This is why we need handy little phones, dear iPhone cameras, so that when Pepper Man shows up on your plate, you can preserve the moment, then later recall that you spent an amazing weekend with your sweetheart... uh... yes, well, those details I think I will keep to myself.

January 12, 2013

Happiness is driving a dependable vehicle that can haul feed and hay bales. Seriously. I love going east, to the feed store, and visiting our favorites haunts from our Rancho days, then loading my ride with whatever we need, to feed the farm and family. The picture may be of bales in the trunk, but I see the joy I felt.

Did I mention that iPhones can capture pointless moments, as well as precious ones?! January 15, 2013, waiting in a school parking lot, and trying to convince myself to please, finally make an appointment for a haircut! I love that delusion, some of us enjoy, that whatever we do in our vehicles is private, and completely invisible to everyone else stuck in the same parking lot. So, go ahead! Floss, scratch your ears, rock out with your air guitar. It's cool, you are totally invisible.

One week later. I've finally done the deed. Here, again, the iPhone is indispensable. My haircut has never looked better than it did five minutes after the stylist finished cutting, geling, drying, styling, and doing her magic. I have this photograph as proof.
And when I am not using my iPhone to take glamour shots, I love to have it when I see something that should be unforgettable, but which I am likely to forget. I need this book.
Ground Hog Day!
The kids persuasively proposed a day in the snowy woods for our Ground Hog Day celebration. It turned out to be a really great idea, except I feel a little sheepish about not going a bit further afield, to the actual snow. I wimped out on the three hour mountain drive, and settled for something a bit more local.
But. As you can see, the snow was a bit skimpy. Alright, all of you with "real" winters can stop laughing! We managed to semi-convince Maria that this was totally legit-good snow fun. Sort of. And I used my iPhone to send a photo-email to family. You know, a little show and tell brag: "Check us out! Snow! Woot-woot!"

Well, just to show me... as I sent out this pitiful winter scene, my brother Bill, and Alison, were posting pictures with their kids, playing in snow. In Aspen. With skis, and snowboards. And snow!

I know the Ground Hog predicts an early spring, but I am hoping for a chance to redeem myself, and get these guys to something they can ride a sled down, something cold, white, powdery, and piled in heaps deep enough to play in. I can just picture it... some snowy winter joy!


Sylvia said...

Love all the photos, but especially the one of you and Geoff – muy linda!

judy in ky said...

What a beautiful, heartwarming set of photos you have captured with your iPhone. So much warmth and emotion. Animal lover that I am, I was most touched by the snuggle with Tasha. In your previous post, I noticed that she was bumping her head against Alex, wanting his affection.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you, Sylvia.
Muchas gracias.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

The goats are frisky and rambunctious, but they are full of affection, too.
It's a pleasure to see what it means to be part of their herd... they really
enjoy being close!

warren said...

When we were kids my Dad made my brother and me bows and arrows with some sort of twine and they were awesome! We did all sorts of unsafe things I am sure but it was an absolute blast! Get that girl some twine!

Anonymous said...

love Maria oh and snow is the best!!!!!!!!