Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Farm Fresh

I sort of pride myself on not buying every art chicken, farm sign, and enamelware piece I find. Even when I like them extra much. People know I love chickens. And goats. And bunnies. Do they know about galvanized steel? Yeah, I have a thing for that, too. I thought this Farm Fresh sign was lovely, but I left it in my favorite Julian shop, American Gardener... oh! swoon! They have a website! We stopped in to inhale the lovely potpourris, and French milled soaps, after our frolic in the snowy woods.

Our own chicas are springing into the warmer, longer days. And we have begun clearing, measuring, and preparing for our chicken and goat run. Geoff and I read the latest HenCam post together, and now we feel doubly confident about our design choices. Thank you, Terry! By summer our own little farm will have a safe place for running, scratching, dusting, laying, leaping, and playing. Added bonus: No more hens on the porch, making it a poop deck with their *ahem* "chicken blogs." With all of this complete, maybe we can see about adding a few wee chicks to the flock! Big fat hens, that's what Geoff is looking for. I can buy that!


judy in ky said...

That sign is perfect for you! I think you should go back and buy it.

Unknown said...

Don't you love the poop on the deck... okay me neither!

Jennifer said...

Spring dreams are the best, especially when dreaming turns to planning turns to doing! Can't wait to see the progress and the new chicas!