Saturday, April 27, 2013

Remembering :: April 2007

Maria, 2 & a half, and sharing her best grin!

Evidently, we were busy and having fun.

Alex, handsome and pensive, our hardworking eighth grader.

Max and Maria, a visit at Holly and Rich's. They still look out for each other.

Natalie and Karen, and a fun night ahead!

Janice, Linda, Karen, Yanina, (Josie's SIL: Sosia?), Belinda, Jola, Josie, (Josie's sister), Maria, and me.

This was the line up for Josie's fiftieth birthday celebration... dinner downtown, and a fun musical, oh and something called a party bus!


judy in ky said...

Such an adorable family.

Kim said...

Party Bus?! Sounds fun.
Those old pics of the kids are adorable! Maria, Max & Alex all look exactly like themselves. It always amazing to me how when I see baby or kid pictures of people, I'm like "Of course! That's them!" and yet, when looking at a baby or a kid, I'm always wondering what they will grow up to look like.