Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Love The Water

Dear Jennifer,
Thank you for sharing this video. Sometimes, I think the things we enjoy the most are those that resonate, that reflect back the truth we believe, the ideals we hold up, admire. I want to say, in a modest, unassuming way... I see the water. I feel it all around me. But I do sometimes forget, or maybe it's that it overwhelms me, and I feel it like a weight, a too expansive realm. I woke up feeling a bit of that heaviness.

The commencement speech, by David Foster Wallace pulled me out of a bit of a spiral. I needed this, Jennifer. Thank you.

And hey, however any of you are feeling today, I hope you will listen to this speech. It's up lifting... not a grand remedy, not a superficial trifle, but the kind of truth that simply resonates and raises your thoughts, and spirit.


judy in ky said...

I like that speech a lot. I know exactly what he means.

Jennifer said...

I am so, so glad that you took the time to watch, and that it resonated with you as I so knew it would. I, too, strive to see the water every day, to think about the world beyond my own self, to allow space for people around me to be...human.

Alison said...

Thanks for sharing this, Natalie. I like the way he frames choices, education, freedom. I especially like his message that the world just may not revolve around us and our petty problems. Honestly, is being stuck in a grocery line really that big a deal in comparison to what's going on in Syria, Sudan or North Korea?