Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Won A Bet

Not five pounds. Not seven, nine, or ten pounds! Paul, Janece, and Geoff await the crucial results...

We were figuring out how much each section of roof on the Chicken run is weighing, and Geoff picked up a measured and cut roll of the hardware cloth... five pounds, he figured.
No way, I declared. You see, I measure all mass in terms of five pound sacks of flour. New born baby? That's probably about a sack and a half. Healthy cat? Oh, maybe two sacks. It's solid science, I tell ya. Seeing the roll of wire, and having lifted a few in my life, I knew it had to be more than one sack of flour, and I said, it's ten pounds, at least.

Geoff picked it up, and raised his guess to seven pounds. Paul guessed ten pounds, and William chose nine pounds. Decisively, I detected 2.4 sacks of flour, and said twelve pounds! Out came the hanging scale, and a carabiner. Yup. I guessed it right!

The prize? A pair of unders, custom bedazzled, with the _gift_ that came in my Mother's Day Piñata. Which do I explain first, the piñata tradition, or the bedazzler?

I know this much, I should have held out for a better prize!


judy in ky said...

I always do that too. Except I think of bags of sugar!

warren said...

How much does your friend's beard weigh?