Friday, July 19, 2013

Chicas in the Teepee

Our bamboo teepee has sunflowers, beans, cucumbers and tomatoes growing up, and around it.  It looks inviting. Geoff gave it a protective skirt of hardware cloth all the way around the base.  Just high enough to keep out the wild rabbits that cruise our yard.  I realized it makes an ideal playpen for our chicas.  They are contained, and they like to dash beneath the shade and shelter of their garden world, feeling like grown-up free range chicas.  I enjoy a little peace of mind, because they're less likely to stray if I should happen to be distracted.  

This evening we released the Juniors into the teepee, and sat with the Chiquitas just outside the teepee.  Everyone happy, we sat back and delighted in the show.  Wing flapping.  Neck craning.  Leg stretching.  And endless pecking.  And buzzing around like wind up toys.  

The Juniors are bigger, but no less flighty and amusing.  Lilikoi and Koa watched, curiously, and seemed bemused by their Chiquita sisters.  

This, and pumpkin pie for dinner, too.  Haven't we had a wonderful evening?


Miriam said...

Chicas are busting out all over at your place! What fun. I aspire to your level of commitment in naming everyone - I can't tell ours all apart...

ArtyZen said...

Oh yes, a lovely, lovely evening. I've so loved seeing your new, baby chicas. And that sunflower on the point of bursting forth in a bloom of yellow. Mine are a bit behind yours but I can't wait!