Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life of Foo

Mister Washburn Foo, 17 weeks old... Huh, guess this makes him an Aries. 

Today's forecast:  an uneasy recovery from Thursday's surgery.  Lots of sleeping, coughing, shivering, tenderness, a return to the vet's office, a fever, a shot, a big pill, more sleeping.  

Poor, poor kitty.  He probably thinks the run of bad luck started early Thursday, when no one would feed him.  Then he was plucked from his morning nap, on Maria's head nest, and had to endure a car ride.   Not to the fish market, or the yarn shop, but to the place.  As much as they love Mister Foo at the place, he's probably begun to notice a pattern of awkward circumstances, probing, poking, and questionable inquiries into his personal habits.  Also, the place is frequented by dogs.  No, the morning did not begin well.  

He came home feeling less himself, and under advisement to 'avoid heavy lifting, refrain from leaping, chasing, darting, flying, and limit activity of a kittenish nature.'  And, to be perfectly honest,  he did not, strictly, follow doctor's orders.  

Poor, poor kitty is mellow now.  He's a quiet kitty.  A tender kitty.  We love our Foo.  We are watching him, and catering to his needs. We wish him well.  

Well, most of us are concerned.  Some of us are enjoying the peace and quiet of Mister Foo's convalescence.  


Miriam said...

Poor Mister Foo. A hard transition but a necessary one, and what better place could there be to convalesce?

And poor Maria, and poor Natalie - may you both feel better soon!

Sylvia said...

Oh, feel better soon – all three of you.

Anonymous said...

Poor puttercat, but the needed snip should also help tame down the 3:00 in the morning knee attacks. He is just seriously disappointed you won that game.. My Logan took a few days to recover, but they come back to the loving snuffly personality. Just with less need to attack and mark territory. Give him some scrubs behind the ears and a little scrub under the chin and he will forgive and purr his heart out.

Please feel better soon, all three of you.
Jenn in California

judy in ky said...

Sweet little Mr. Foo. I hope he's feeling better now.