Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall In Love

Fred Cohen Photography ~ The Artful Eye

Thompson, in the far window. H. Mako, Thomson, and Totoro... all cooperatively posing for the talented and professional photographer, Fred Cohen. He confided to me that he tipped them for their "coop-eration!" I think they sensed a talented photographer was in their midst. Fred's pictures made me fall in love, all over again, with my pretty chicas!

Lilikoi and Pele

Fred and Anna Banana were over for a visit. They brought pie. Doesn't that say it all? I could go on and on about how nice they are, how much I value Anna's friendship, what a blessing it is to enjoy company, and relaxing... but just knowing they arrived with pies kind of says it all. One of the pies was peach. Oh, goodness. Obviously, Anna is absolutely one of my very besties.

Max and I were just discussing beards, and chickens, and chickens with beards. And we laughed about Alaskan whalers, because that is the kind of beard our Henrietta Mako Hen wears, and she looks seaworthy and dashing.

It's not enough to giggle about the name, Alaskan whaler, to feel the pleasure of knowing an odd bit of beard trivia... no, I carry on about it. I'm sitting here, gazing at the picture, and imaging my seafaring hen, she knows the galley from the poop deck, she keeps a journal, and sleeps in a hammock. She plays a wee squeezebox. She probably busks when they pull into a foreign port.

Thank you, Fred. It was so nice to finally meet you. And these pictures are dear. Thank you, Anna Banana, my sweet and bosom friend.


CJ said...

They are indeed beautiful photos. Hope you have a good week.

Janece said...

Lovely photos of adorable chicas. What a special gift to have such beautiful photos of them!

Anna Banana said...

Making contented chicken noises over here. A most happy autumn to the Van family. <3

Anonymous said...

Um, where did their combs disappear to??? I thought all chickens had them. No?