Monday, October 07, 2013

Five Good Things

This illustrates my plans for some time, later today:  a pass out nap, with not a fret or worry.  I might even purr.  

Good Things:
1.  There are no out of control fires burning in our county.  

2.  The Santa Ana passed through, and now the winds and heat are gone.  

3.  Anna Banana and I had a wonderful, evening walk and talk.  

4.  Geoff is the toast to my cheese.  

5.  It feels like fall. 

What's good with you?


Peaches said...

1. No hurricanes in the gulf, always a good thing.
2. The high today was in the low 80’s; a relief.
3. I read and napped a lot this weekend; I let the house work go.
4. My cat, Pierre, napped with me. That reduces the gilt by half.
5. It’s Monday and I love my job.

Janece said...

(in no particular order)

1. I'm loving the ocean breezes today and that the heat has subsided.
2. Amira is happy at school.
3. That we are all unharmed after learning that our rear rotor and brakes were very, very unsafe.
4. It made me a little giddy that it was felt cool enough last night that maybe evenings by the fire aren't too far away.
5. It probably shows my mood that I was struggling to write these. I was completely stuck on #5 when a UPS truck pulled up and delivered a box with a small art sculpture gifted to me by a friend. So, I'm grateful for that... but even more so for friends who remind me, when I'm blind to it, of the grace and beauty that *always* permeates my life.

Anna Banana said...

1. My cat is a very very very fine cat.
2. My dog is gross, but I love him anyway. (Please tell Maria that Toby gobbled up the milk bone treat!).
3. Traffic to and from the airport at 8 am was not hideous.
4. I remembered not to drink coffee before departing for the airport so I made it home for a bio break.
5. Weather report says it might rain this week.

judy in ky said...

1. It's finally cool enough to do things outside.
2. There is ice cream in the fridge.
3. My cats follow me from room to room.
4. My husband is working.
5. We have nice neighbors.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

You all played along! This is wonderful.
Sometimes, when I am low, I ask Geoff for "five good things," just to get me on a better course.
It's simple and comforting, and I find it really lovely reading your fives, too! Thank you for sharing.
Anyone else?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Okay... you inspired me, and I got five more!
1. Cats named Pierre
2. Special deliveries
3. Owls on sunset walks
4. Outside, in the cool
5. Friends

Anonymous said...

A delightful five, Natalie! My five today are:
1. finally have time to comment here and there
2. Wimsey kisses
3. completion of a messy Word mail merge document (ugh)
4. yes, yes, yes -- cooler temps!
5. fall roses that make me swoon

(and that adorable Mr. Foo pose!)