Monday, October 14, 2013

Five Good Things

Hello, Chango.

I had so much fun when you shared your good things last week that I have actually been looking forward to Monday, so we could do this again!

Good Things:
1. Chango and Mister Foo are friends. Not BFF, but they coming to an amicable agreement.

2. The winter seeds are sprouting.

3. I have a book to review, and a book to giveaway!

4. I got to play air hockey; I love air hockey!

5. Top to bottom, Alex and I cleaned out Maria's play kitchen.

What's good with you?


judy in ky said...

1. The October weather is beautiful; it's sunny and warm.
2. My 89-year old mom is doing well.
3. I held my first yard sale over the weekend.
4. Our fireplace warms us on chilly mornings.
5. I'm having a colonoscopy this week... staying healthy!

Janece said...

1. Paul is coming home within the hour!
2. My art space is clean and tidy and ready to be made otherwise.
3. I'm enjoying the hints of fall that are to be found, even in SoCal.
4. I have good, no, AMAZING friends!
5. The office desktop can be seen... as can the floor. This is a big deal! ;)

Janece said...

PS - I'm so glad to hear Chango and Mister Foo are becoming friends! I keep hoping for some kind of peace treaty between Muta and Chibi... but so far, all talks have failed.

Peaches said...

1. School holiday today. I went to work for a while anyway to catch up, which makes me feel good.
2. That also means a four day work week. Sweet!
3. The weather is beautiful today. A nice little cool front will be passing through this week.
4. I love the months of October, November, and December and the holidays they contain.
5. The bills are paid and everyone is well.

Kim said...

I love air hockey too. And oh, that clean and organized feeling after a job well done; it's so nice and fresh!
1. I got to eat the last of my home-made mint chip ice-cream tonight
2. Then I got to read a few pages of a good book
3. I even got to (try to) mediate for a few minutes in silence
4. Violet is still sleeping so I am enjoying peeking into the blogosphere and seeing what old friends are up to.
5. Although we don't have fall weather here, I have all the ingredients for pumpkin muffins and decided I will make them tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

1. fall break is here!
2. I am feeling a little better
3. the trees are turning orange
4. I have got some bees wax to make into candles
5. 12 days then Halloween!
6. yes I did get my little kitchen done and I think I play in it more often now

From, Maria